Windy Wanderlust

Remember Maria from this post? Here we are again getting lost in our neighborhood on a very windy day and enjoying the amazing colors of fall!

fall-outfit-wanderlust-ootd-long-sweater-layers-scarf-boots-fashion-style-belted-beauty-and-bows-1 fall-outfit-wanderlust-ootd-long-sweater-layers-scarf-boots-fashion-style-belted-beauty-and-bows-2

Maria and I live only a few blocks apart and I have the lovely pleasure of going to Bible study with her every week. This inevitably leads to deep convo, lots of getting honest, and talks of our hopes, dreams, and prayers.

fall-outfit-wanderlust-ootd-long-sweater-layers-scarf-boots-fashion-style-belted-beauty-and-bows-3 fall-outfit-wanderlust-ootd-long-sweater-layers-scarf-boots-fashion-style-belted-beauty-and-bows-4

I am constantly inspired by her adorable style, love for people, joyful spirit, and her kind heart.

fall-outfit-wanderlust-ootd-long-sweater-layers-scarf-boots-fashion-style-belted-beauty-and-bows-5 fall-outfit-wanderlust-ootd-long-sweater-layers-scarf-boots-fashion-style-belted-beauty-and-bows-6

She is such a stunning woman of God and I adore her friendship!

fall-outfit-wanderlust-ootd-long-sweater-layers-scarf-boots-fashion-style-belted-beauty-and-bows-7 fall-outfit-wanderlust-ootd-long-sweater-layers-scarf-boots-fashion-style-belted-beauty-and-bows-8

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! <3

4 Responses to “Windy Wanderlust”

  1. Maria says:

    Seriously so fun! I am so blessed by you dear friend! :)

  2. iesha says:

    aww it must be lucky to have a friend like that. many don’t have that (myself included). i wish i did though. love both of your outfits!


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