White After Labor Day

According to Stacy London, wearing white after Labor Day is ok. So if you saw this post and gasped in horror…don’t worry. If Stacy London says it’s cool, then you are in the clear!

All items in today’s outfit are thrifted! I scored this top at Goodwill for $3.99. I love the details on the sleeves and collar. I’m not usually one for these more boho tops, but this one struck my fancy. These white pants (originally Gap) I got for a mere $1.99 at my local DAV! They were boot-cut so, as usual, I sewed up the sides to make them skinny. I’ve been wanting white pants for a while but the ones I’ve tried on are usually too thin (vpl…ew) or too expensive. These are a thicker blend (go Gap!) and were less than $2. Win win. The belt was also thrifted for $1 and the shoes (I’m loving this chartreuse color) were $8 from a re-sale shop in town. So total outfit cost today is $15. I think even if I became a millionaire, I would still get a thrill from thrifting and waiting for that great deal.

Have any of you scored an amazing thrift or vintage find lately?

3 Responses to “White After Labor Day”

  1. cami says:

    I really like this look. Love that skirt! Those shoes match PERFECTLY!

  2. Molly Wilson says:

    you are so adorable! loving that skirt

    Molly and MacKenzie

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