Today was practically Friday and all day I’ve been saying, “Hoorah! It’s Friday-Wednesday!!”.  Since I was in true Friday spirits I did the only sensible thing and did not wash my hair (or iron my shirt, apparently). Ahh, the lovely option of the messy bun! I’m so happy my hair is finally starting to be long enough to stay somewhat in a bun!

I hope everyone is officially off work and ready to eat, rest, and spend time with loved ones! Blessings to each of you and Happy Thanksgiving!!

Outfit Details: Chevron Shirt, Target $13 (sale rack, baby!), Jeans, Limited $30 (sale rack again, baby!), Necklace, Etsy $16, Earrings, Francescas $9, Shoes, Resale shop in Wichita $8

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  1. Love the colour combos! you look fab!!

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