Tray Tables Up

So, today I looked like a flight attendant. It wasn’t really intended but several co-workers confirmed that yes…I could be shutting cabin overheads and offering decaf or caffeinated coffee to thirsty flyers. It leads me to believe what I already knew…I have no definable ‘style’. One day I favor mod, clean lines. The next day it’s boho-chic! Then you have days like this…total flight attendant (not that flight attendant is a classified style, haha).

One thing is for sure, no matter what style mood I’m in, vintage pieces always have a way of being my favourite part of every outfit! This silk blouse was purchased for $1 at a local ship. I love the bow tie front and the sweet paisley print.

Hope you all had a great flight here today with Beauty & Bows airlines, thank you for flying with me!

Outfit Breakdown: All items thrifted! Ralph Lauren knit shirt $2.50, Silk Vintage Blouse $1, Ann Taylor Pencil Skirt $3.99, Nude Heels $2.99

4 Responses to “Tray Tables Up”

  1. Jenny says:

    haha! flight attendant style
    I’d like to see the knit shirt in styled another way, I can see how that piece can make really alternative outfits!

    <3 jen

  2. Chioma says:

    that look is so cute! it’s even cuter because its ALL thriftied! i knew i liked your style for a reason ;)

    C’s Evolution of Style

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