The Rains Came Down

The last several weeks in Kansas have been SO rainy. My friend put it right when she said, “It’s a really nice Spring we are having this Summer”. I’ve started to break out light weight sweaters and jeans again (how I’ve missed you, jeans). Do I dare say it…I’m kind of excited for Fall? (die hard Summer girl right here…)

slouchy-sweater-white-skinny-jeans-gladiator-sandals-silver-pendant-necklace-natural-wavy-hair-ootd-fashion-1 slouchy-sweater-white-skinny-jeans-gladiator-sandals-silver-pendant-necklace-natural-wavy-hair-ootd-fashion-2 slouchy-sweater-white-skinny-jeans-gladiator-sandals-silver-pendant-necklace-natural-wavy-hair-ootd-fashion-3 slouchy-sweater-white-skinny-jeans-gladiator-sandals-silver-pendant-necklace-natural-wavy-hair-ootd-fashion-4

Oufit Details: slouchy sweater, TJMaxx $14; white skinny jeans, thrifted $2.99; sandals, thrifted $1.99; silver pendant, antique shop $.50

4 Responses to “The Rains Came Down”

  1. Chelsea says:

    It’s funny how our minds work that way at the end of a season. I’m totally with you, I can’t wait for fall so I can star wearing long pants and light sweaters again. My favorite early-fall combo is a pair of denim shorts (because it’s still kinda warm) and a hoodie. And either flip flops or a pair of Keds depending on how chilly it is. It’s totally not fashion forward, but it’s comfy and I love it.

  2. merpear724 says:

    I don’t want to wish away summer, but I’m starting to feel ready for Fall too! This is such an easy look, and so put together. I love that pendant necklace Star.

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