Easter & Updates


Well hello blogging world! I took a bit of an unexpected hiatus from blogging on Beauty & Bows because life has been, in a word, BUSY! But lots of wonderful things have been happening!


Since we’ve announced our pregnancy:

  • Daniel got a new job with a great company in downtown Wichita
  • I got a new car (baby friendly!)
  • We found out we are having a GIRL! (see Instagram announcement video, here)
  • Daniel and I took a babymoon to Santa Fe, New Mexico & Manitou Springs, CO (fully documented on Instagram…of course)


During my B&B absence, I have continued blogging on Camp Makery, have you checked us out yet? A few of my latest post include:


Baby White is now officially 20 weeks along! She is halfway done! Can you believe it?! I feel her move every day now, especially while in the car!
This journey of motherhood so far has been overwhelmingly amazing. It is such a privilege to be a vessel to carry this tiny life. Yes, I pee every 15 minutes and am hungry ALL the time, but it is all a part of this special journey of God knitting her together in my womb!
Lately I just daydream about what my baby girl’s life will be like. I pray for her, cry for her (yep), laugh for her, and put my hand on my belly to be as close to her as I possibly can. I’m already so thankful and attached to this little one. :)


For Easter this year, Daniel and I went to church and spent the entire day with family. It was wonderful.
This vintage dress was found in Santa Fe at the MOST amazing resale shop called Double Take. If you are ever near Santa Fe…GO! This dress was a mere $12 and just 1 of the many treasures I found there.
Daniel’s awesome knit tie was also found 2nd hand in Santa Fe.

I hope all of YOU are doing great. I’m looking forward to getting Beauty & Bows back in action and interacting more with this awesome online community! Blessings!


Outfit Details: vintage lace dress, 2nd hand; heels, thrifted; necklace, Francescas; cuff, gift from Daniel!

New Girl

Sooooo I’ve been watching a lot of New Girl lately and I think I was subconsciously inspired by Jessica Day when I put this outfit together. There is a lot of color, patterns, and can’t forget…the glasses.

new-girl-inspired-outfit-ootd-fashion-vintage-skirt-plaid-fall-style-tights-and-boots-cat-eye-glasses-beauty-and-bows-1 new-girl-inspired-outfit-ootd-fashion-vintage-skirt-plaid-fall-style-tights-and-boots-cat-eye-glasses-beauty-and-bows-2 new-girl-inspired-outfit-ootd-fashion-vintage-skirt-plaid-fall-style-tights-and-boots-cat-eye-glasses-beauty-and-bows-3

What shows inspire your fashion choices?


Outfit Details: vintage tweed skirt, thrifted $1; striped shirt, thrifted $2.99; cardigan, Target $8; boots, thrifted $7.99; glasses, Bonlook

New Shades

So I have this problem where I go through sunglasses really fast. I sit on them, scratch them beyond repair, or just loose them after about 2 months. I’m REALLY hoping I can make these vintage Liz Claiborne’s last a bit longer than that!

vintage-sunnies-black-leather-jacket-infinty-scarf-levis-fall-winter-outfit-ootd-fashion-beauty-and-bows-1 vintage-sunnies-black-leather-jacket-infinty-scarf-levis-fall-winter-outfit-ootd-fashion-beauty-and-bows-2 vintage-sunnies-black-leather-jacket-infinty-scarf-levis-fall-winter-outfit-ootd-fashion-beauty-and-bows-3 vintage-sunnies-black-leather-jacket-infinty-scarf-levis-fall-winter-outfit-ootd-fashion-beauty-and-bows-4 vintage-sunnies-black-leather-jacket-infinty-scarf-levis-fall-winter-outfit-ootd-fashion-beauty-and-bows-5

Outfit Details: sunnies, thrifted $9; leather jacket, Target $19 (last year); striped sweater, thrifted $2; Levis, thrifted $3.99; scarf, Gap (gift); flats, thrifted $3.50

Baby Blue

For some reason my last 3 posts have been wearing some form of baby blue. I guess I’m on a baby blue kick.







Outfit Details: vintage silk blouse, thrifted $.99; vintage midi skirt, thrifted $2.99; belt, Versona $4; wedges, thrifted $3.99


I dress like an old lady. Deal with it.

vintage-button-down-striped-dress-mustard-bow-belt-ootd-loose-messy-curls-wedge-booties-fashion-beauty-and-bows-7 vintage-button-down-striped-dress-mustard-bow-belt-ootd-loose-messy-curls-wedge-booties-fashion-beauty-and-bows-6 vintage-button-down-striped-dress-mustard-bow-belt-ootd-loose-messy-curls-wedge-booties-fashion-beauty-and-bows-5 vintage-button-down-striped-dress-mustard-bow-belt-ootd-loose-messy-curls-wedge-booties-fashion-beauty-and-bows-4 vintage-button-down-striped-dress-mustard-bow-belt-ootd-loose-messy-curls-wedge-booties-fashion-beauty-and-bows-3 vintage-button-down-striped-dress-mustard-bow-belt-ootd-loose-messy-curls-wedge-booties-fashion-beauty-and-bows-2 vintage-button-down-striped-dress-mustard-bow-belt-ootd-loose-messy-curls-wedge-booties-fashion-beauty-and-bows-1

Outfit Details: dress, vintage & thrifted $4; mustard  bow belt, made by me!; polka dot socks, Target; wedge booties, Payless; ring, Charlotte Russe