In the words of The Wailin’ Jennys, ‘I’m leavin this prairie town’. Daniel and I are taking a 3 week trip to Europe and we leave Monday! We will be exploring/vacationing Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, and Germany! The trip came together pretty quickly so  I haven’t lined up any guest bloggers (shame on me). Sometimes life just happens and there isn’t enough time! But I will leave you with this prairie skirt outfit and let you know that I have something exciting to share with you all when I get back (and no…it’s not a baby). So, until October my fine people!

black-t-shirt-embroidered-skirt-simple-flat-sandals-loose-curls-thrift-vintage-fashion-ootd-beautyandbows-what-to-wear-cat-eye-glasses-1 black-t-shirt-embroidered-skirt-simple-flat-sandals-loose-curls-thrift-vintage-fashion-ootd-beautyandbows-what-to-wear-cat-eye-glasses-2 black-t-shirt-embroidered-skirt-simple-flat-sandals-loose-curls-thrift-vintage-fashion-ootd-beautyandbows-what-to-wear-cat-eye-glasses-3 black-t-shirt-embroidered-skirt-simple-flat-sandals-loose-curls-thrift-vintage-fashion-ootd-beautyandbows-what-to-wear-cat-eye-glasses-4


Outfit Details: black t-shirt, Target $8; embroidered midi skirt, vintage thrifted $.99; sandals (which I’ve been wearing everyday since I bought them), Kohls $16


I love mixing rich and delicate textures to create an interesting palette! In this look I combined lace, tweed, and leather! What is your favorite combo of textures?

emerald-green-lace-peplum-vintage-black-and-white-tweed-wool-houndstooth-pencil-skirt-simple-t-strap-wedge-sandals-cat-eye-sunnies-gold-star-fish-earrings-brown-leather-clutch-summer-outfit-1 emerald-green-lace-peplum-vintage-black-and-white-tweed-wool-houndstooth-pencil-skirt-simple-t-strap-wedge-sandals-cat-eye-sunnies-gold-star-fish-earrings-brown-leather-clutch-summer-outfit-2 emerald-green-lace-peplum-vintage-black-and-white-tweed-wool-houndstooth-pencil-skirt-simple-t-strap-wedge-sandals-cat-eye-sunnies-gold-star-fish-earrings-brown-leather-clutch-summer-outfit-3 emerald-green-lace-peplum-vintage-black-and-white-tweed-wool-houndstooth-pencil-skirt-simple-t-strap-wedge-sandals-cat-eye-sunnies-gold-star-fish-earrings-brown-leather-clutch-summer-outfit-4 emerald-green-lace-peplum-vintage-black-and-white-tweed-wool-houndstooth-pencil-skirt-simple-t-strap-wedge-sandals-cat-eye-sunnies-gold-star-fish-earrings-brown-leather-clutch-summer-outfit-5

Outfit Details: emerald peplum lace top, Target $17; vintage black and white houndstooth pencil skirt, thrifted $.50; t-strap wedges, thrifted $3.99; leather clutch, TJMaxx $25; glasses, Bonlook; vintage gold starfish earrings, antique shop $.25; lip color, Wet n Wild Megalast in Mauve Outta Here


Some may say that a bold lip, a bold skirt, and bold heels may be too much bold for 1 look. Well, I say 3 bolds make a right! Live up these summer colors while ya can!

vintage-purple-pleated-skirt-matte-orange-lip-stick-oatmeal-t-shirt-blue-strappy-heels-cat-eye-glasses-vintage-belt-gold-studs-loose-curls-summer-outfit-1 vintage-purple-pleated-skirt-matte-orange-lip-stick-oatmeal-t-shirt-blue-strappy-heels-cat-eye-glasses-vintage-belt-gold-studs-loose-curls-summer-outfit-2 vintage-purple-pleated-skirt-matte-orange-lip-stick-oatmeal-t-shirt-blue-strappy-heels-cat-eye-glasses-vintage-belt-gold-studs-loose-curls-summer-outfit-3

Have any of you tried Wet N Wild’s Megalast lip color? I am very picky when it comes to lipsticks, but this one is my absolute fav! It stays on all day, doesn’t get clumpy, they have great matte colors (a must), and all for $1.99 at your local drugstore. Can’t beat that!

vintage-purple-pleated-skirt-matte-orange-lip-stick-oatmeal-t-shirt-blue-strappy-heels-cat-eye-glasses-vintage-belt-gold-studs-loose-curls-summer-outfit-4 vintage-purple-pleated-skirt-matte-orange-lip-stick-oatmeal-t-shirt-blue-strappy-heels-cat-eye-glasses-vintage-belt-gold-studs-loose-curls-summer-outfit-5

Outfit Details: oatmeal t-shirt, Charlotte Russe (super old); vintage neutral belt with gold clasp and studs, thrifted $.99; purple pleated skirt, thrifted $2.99; blue strappy heels, thrifted $4.99; lip color, Wet ‘N Wild Megalast Lip color Carrot Gold $1.99


Here is another vintage midi, high waisted skirt. Apparently I have a thing for them! I found this skirt at Goodwill for $3.99 last season and this top at Target last season as well. The shoes are from Payless and necklace and belt thrifted.

The first time I wore this skirt I paired it with a more fitted top because it flares so much at the end, but this go round, I thought this top (which is really hard to describe….sweater? scarf? sleeveless?) could be a fun match. I feel like it is an unlikely pairing, but I like the end result. It kind of modernizes this vintage teacher-like skirt. Sometimes I find it hard to style vintage items without looking like I’m trying to hard but I often find just adding a simple top and heels does the trick!



Berry Vintage

Found this amazing vintage skirt for $2.99 at Goodwill last week. I LOVE the berry colors and decided to pair it with a buttoned up cardigan. I’ve never worn a cardigan as a shirt before, but I really like how it works!

Outfit breakdown: Skirt: Thrifted, Cardigan: Target, Shoes: Steve Madden Thrifted, Belt: Thrifted, Bracelets: Thrifted