Do you own a pair of cords? I’ve had these forEVER and rarely ware them…but man are they warm!

plum-purple-cords-oatmeal-sweater-leather-accents-boots-infinity-scarf-winter-outfit-fashion-ootd-beauty-and-bows-1 plum-purple-cords-oatmeal-sweater-leather-accents-boots-infinity-scarf-winter-outfit-fashion-ootd-beauty-and-bows-2 plum-purple-cords-oatmeal-sweater-leather-accents-boots-infinity-scarf-winter-outfit-fashion-ootd-beauty-and-bows-3 plum-purple-cords-oatmeal-sweater-leather-accents-boots-infinity-scarf-winter-outfit-fashion-ootd-beauty-and-bows-4 plum-purple-cords-oatmeal-sweater-leather-accents-boots-infinity-scarf-winter-outfit-fashion-ootd-beauty-and-bows-5

Outfit Details: sweater, Target $13 (yay for Christmas gift cards!); Levi’s, Levi outlet (super old!); scarf, gift; boots, gift from my sweet sister!; rings (from left to right), vintage, Target, wedding ring!


Lately I’ve been trying to prune my wardrobe to items of better quality that have more staying power. It’s so fun to find unique pieces that are on-trend for today, but what about tomorrow?


God is stirring in my heart that less is more. I find myself attracted to a more natural look that is less complicated and more simple. I’d rather have a smaller wardrobe filled with quality, not quantity.


This may mean repeating those quality items more frequently, but if they fit right and are made well…bring it on!


I’ve come to realize this blog is documenting my ‘style journey’ as well as the way I’m growing in my beliefs and life choices. Isn’t it amazing to think back to just 1 year ago and see how different your style is or how your personal decision making has changed? No doubt a year from now I will look back and think the same thing.


To those of you who follow this spec of web space, thank you for giving me the space to grow and being a part of my journey!  Many blessings to you and yours!


Outfit Details: sweater, Free People (Name Brand Clothing) $30; dress, thrifted $1; boots, thrifted $3.50

For the Love of Spring

Can I just say that I LOVE spring?! The sun is out, trees are starting to bud, and I can finally break out my open toed shoes. I’ve also been having fun mixing my sweaters with spring colors to create new looks.


Totally lovin these bright red heels from Target! They are currently on sale for $15!

graphic-black-and-white-sweater-mint-skinny-jeans-red-strap-mod-heels-jade-bracelets-2 graphic-black-and-white-sweater-mint-skinny-jeans-red-strap-mod-heels-jade-bracelets-3

Jump for joy, it’s spring!


Outfit Details: graphic sweater and heels, Target; mint skinny jeans, Macy’s; jade bracelet, gift


Berries & Oatmeal & Babes

My cozy Saturday outfit! LOVE this oatmeal and berry colored sweater thrifted for $3.99 the other day!

On Saturday I got to hang out with my 2 fav squirts! Aren’t they adorable?!

Outfit breakdown: sweater, (thifted) $3.99; black t-shirt, Target $6; skinny jeans, H&M $15; black studded booties, (thrifted) $3.99; jade bracelet, gift



Happy Monday!


Star Outfit Breakdown: Grey sweater, Anne Taylor Loft (thifted) $2.99; houndstooth shirt (thrifted), 3.99; pink trousers, NBC $8; shoes, old; bubble necklace, Etsy

Daniel Outfit Breakdown: Leather blazer (thrifted) $10; plaid button up, Target $12; black jeans, Levis $45, shoes, Steve Madden $30