New Girl

Sooooo I’ve been watching a lot of New Girl lately and I think I was subconsciously inspired by Jessica Day when I put this outfit together. There is a lot of color, patterns, and can’t forget…the glasses.

new-girl-inspired-outfit-ootd-fashion-vintage-skirt-plaid-fall-style-tights-and-boots-cat-eye-glasses-beauty-and-bows-1 new-girl-inspired-outfit-ootd-fashion-vintage-skirt-plaid-fall-style-tights-and-boots-cat-eye-glasses-beauty-and-bows-2 new-girl-inspired-outfit-ootd-fashion-vintage-skirt-plaid-fall-style-tights-and-boots-cat-eye-glasses-beauty-and-bows-3

What shows inspire your fashion choices?


Outfit Details: vintage tweed skirt, thrifted $1; striped shirt, thrifted $2.99; cardigan, Target $8; boots, thrifted $7.99; glasses, Bonlook

Zero Waste

This week my sweet cousin, Jenny (previously pictured here from her wedding!), had me on her ‘zero waste’ blog, Not So Trashy.

Knowing I have a passion for second hand clothing, Jenny had me answer basic questions about the idea of buying second hand. I spilled all my knowledge on how to get the best bang for your thrifting buck!


Jenny is a working wife and mother (of the CUTEST girl who I have the pleasure of babysitting once a week) and is passionate about living a ‘zero waste’ life. She is creative in her efforts to reduce her imprint on our earth and blogs about grocery shopping, composting, cloth diapers, and much more.


Jenny sees buying second hand as a way to think outside the box about consumerism. Her blog has definitely inspired me to consider the ways (no matter how small or big) I can live my life more environmentally conscious!


So if you want to get some awesome thrifting tips as well as be inspired about living a not-so-trashy life, check out her blog, here!


Dress, Goodwill $4.99, Sweater, Goodwill $2.99, Scarf, DAV $.59, Ankle boots, Goodwill $3.99


You know those times in life that just feel…messy? Right now is that kind of time for me. I’m just at a loss for direction in my current season of life. When you are in school, there is such a driving purpose and energy. Real life is just a bit different I’m learning.


My natural bent is to be anxious, to force purpose, and look to earthly sources for meaning. Thankfully in my current study of Matthew I’m learning:

“Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink, nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing? Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?  And which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to his span of life?”


So my focus and my prayer right now is just to BE with God. To know Him more. To listen. My worth and hope is found in the fact that I’m forever His.

fall-outfit-denim-jacket-plaid-shirt-plain-grey-v-neck-jeggings-suede-ankle-boots-thrift-thrifted-sunnies-beauty-and-bows-fashion-style-3 fall-outfit-denim-jacket-plaid-shirt-plain-grey-v-neck-jeggings-suede-ankle-boots-thrift-thrifted-sunnies-beauty-and-bows-fashion-style-4

Outfit Details: everything thrifted except t-shirt & sunnies (from Target)

New Shades

So I have this problem where I go through sunglasses really fast. I sit on them, scratch them beyond repair, or just loose them after about 2 months. I’m REALLY hoping I can make these vintage Liz Claiborne’s last a bit longer than that!

vintage-sunnies-black-leather-jacket-infinty-scarf-levis-fall-winter-outfit-ootd-fashion-beauty-and-bows-1 vintage-sunnies-black-leather-jacket-infinty-scarf-levis-fall-winter-outfit-ootd-fashion-beauty-and-bows-2 vintage-sunnies-black-leather-jacket-infinty-scarf-levis-fall-winter-outfit-ootd-fashion-beauty-and-bows-3 vintage-sunnies-black-leather-jacket-infinty-scarf-levis-fall-winter-outfit-ootd-fashion-beauty-and-bows-4 vintage-sunnies-black-leather-jacket-infinty-scarf-levis-fall-winter-outfit-ootd-fashion-beauty-and-bows-5

Outfit Details: sunnies, thrifted $9; leather jacket, Target $19 (last year); striped sweater, thrifted $2; Levis, thrifted $3.99; scarf, Gap (gift); flats, thrifted $3.50


You know what’s the tops? Unwashed hair thrown into a messy top-knot & baggy high-low tops thrown on with leggings and ankle boots.

Also, saying the word ‘tops’ is just the tops! ‘Top of the morning to ya!’ ‘This fall weather is the tops!’

Give it a try in your dialog this week! ;) Let me know how it goes!

top-knot-fall-outfit-red-high-low-top-purple-maroon-tights-leggings-ankle-boots-studded-ootd-fashion-style-beauty-and-bows-1 top-knot-fall-outfit-red-high-low-top-purple-maroon-tights-leggings-ankle-boots-studded-ootd-fashion-style-beauty-and-bows-2 top-knot-fall-outfit-red-high-low-top-purple-maroon-tights-leggings-ankle-boots-studded-ootd-fashion-style-beauty-and-bows-3 top-knot-fall-outfit-red-high-low-top-purple-maroon-tights-leggings-ankle-boots-studded-ootd-fashion-style-beauty-and-bows-4

Outfit Details: shirt, thrifted $3.99; leggings, Target (last year); ankle boots, thrifted $4.99