New PerSPECtives

Hey guys! Sorry for the sparse posts lately, but there have been a few changes in my life recently taking up a bit of time and energy!  One change are my new Bonlook cat-eye glasses! At first I was a bit unsure about them…but they’ve really grown on me! They give me a new perSPECtive…get it?? :)


The really big change is that I’ve put in my notice with my current job. I’m so thankful for the experience I’ve had with CASA and I actually get to stay with the organization in a new, more flexible and creative capacity. Big life changes are challenging sometimes but the Lord is already proving his faithfulness! I will be taking on a few part time jobs as well as focusing on my Etsy shop and developing new product! (Check back for updates soon!) All of these new opportunities allow me to use my creativity, learn a new skill, and have more flexibility in my schedule. I’m very excited!


I’ve also had some recent additions to my wardrobe from Daily Charms (check out the other items I featured previously, here), like this amazing blush pink tulle skirt! It’s so cute and only $15! I love the blush pink color, the longer length, and the several tiers of tulle creating a visually interesting affect. It’s a great piece for breezy summer weather!


And for an update on the ‘no shopping’ for the month of May with my friend Maria, it’s been going really well! Both of us have realized how much we use shopping and thrifting as a form of therapy, when really we should be seeking comfort from our Savior and support from our community. I honestly haven’t missed shopping at all! I’ve been able to stretch my wardrobe and combine pieces in new ways! My friends and I also did a clothing swap where we exchanged clothing and accessories instead of donating them! I ended up with several adorable dresses that I can’t wait to wear on here! And several of my donation items are now being utilized by friends. We had a blast enjoying time together (and eating cupcakes!) all the while helping our budgets! Maria and I have even talked about extending our ‘no shopping’ into June! We’ve definitely gained new perspective!


Hope you all are well and thanks for stopping by!


Outfit Details: Ann Taylor striped shirt, Name Brand Clothing $6; blush pink tulle ballet skirt, c/0 Daily Charms; Bonlook La Marquise cat eye glasses in Tortoise

Vintage Blues

Soooo I’ve come to the conclusion there must be an awesome old lady who is exactly my size that lives near me and donates all of her amazing vintage clothes  to my fav thrift shops. I found this and 2 other vintage dresses for a mere few dollars. Thank you old lady…whoever you are…for your great style and generous donations to my vintage obsession. ;)

vintage-blue-dress-cognac-loafers-1 vintage-blue-dress-cognac-loafers-2 vintage-blue-dress-cognac-loafers-3 vintage-blue-dress-cognac-loafers-4


Another transitional season outfit. Long sleeves and scarf with bare legs. What a funny mix.

maroon-striped-v-neck-brown-vintage-high-waisted-skirt-ann-taylor-green-flats-floral-scarf-1 maroon-striped-v-neck-brown-vintage-high-waisted-skirt-ann-taylor-green-flats-floral-scarf-2 maroon-striped-v-neck-brown-vintage-high-waisted-skirt-ann-taylor-green-flats-floral-scarf-3 maroon-striped-v-neck-brown-vintage-high-waisted-skirt-ann-taylor-green-flats-floral-scarf-4

Outfit details: skirt, scarf, shoes: thrifted; top, Sears (very old!)

Emerald Peplum

There are very few occasions where I will buy something full price…this top was one of them. Pantone’s color of the year, lace, AND peplum…way to go Target for this triple-wammy of awesomeness!

emerald-lace-peplum-white-jacket-skinny-jeans-cognac-clogs-heels-1 emerald-lace-peplum-white-jacket-skinny-jeans-cognac-clogs-heels-2


Several weeks ago I thrifted these heels. I was intrigued by the clog-esque style and the little studs on the side. They are a bit unique but surprisingly really comfortable and supportive!

emerald-lace-peplum-white-jacket-skinny-jeans-cognac-clogs-heels-4 emerald-lace-peplum-white-jacket-skinny-jeans-cognac-clogs-heels-5

Happy Wednesday, y’all! And happy May! My friend Maria and I are challenging ourselves to no shopping for the entire month of May! Here we GO!


Outfit Details: white jacket, thrifted $2.99; emerald peplum top, Target $19.99; skinny jeans, H&M $9.99; clog heels, thrifted $1.99

Black + Brown + Daily Charms

One of my favorite color combos is black and brown (as seen here & here). It’s so easy to mix and match and even do some pattern mixing! In this outfit, I’ve incorporated 2 new items which I received from Daily Charms! They are a new online shop with extremely affordable and fashionable items. You know how I love to be chic on a dime!


One item I chose from the Daily Charms website was this adorable belt with gold band in the front($9). It’s elastic on the sides and will be making appearances on the blog quite often I have a feeling!


Another item I chose were these SUPER comfy black velour leggings. I’ve been really wanting a pair for quite some time and was excited to see these on their website for only $12! Although spring is coming to an end, I’m happy to wear these under my shorter dresses while the weather is still cool.


Daily Charms is offering Beauty & Bows readers a discount on any of their items when you use the code BEAUTY15. Head over to their site to check it out! And feel free to ask me any questions about fit or quality by responding to this post!


Not sure if you can tell, but I dyed my hair! I was going for an all over white-blonde and it didn’t really turn out that way. Going to keep working on the tone but for now I’m just a little brassy! Sigh…


Outfit Details: silk dress, thrifted $3.99; polka dot blouse, Ross $8; ankle boots,; necklace, Francesca’s $6; leggings & belt, c/0 Daily Charms