Baby Blue

For some reason my last 3 posts have been wearing some form of baby blue. I guess I’m on a baby blue kick.







Outfit Details: vintage silk blouse, thrifted $.99; vintage midi skirt, thrifted $2.99; belt, Versona $4; wedges, thrifted $3.99


Thrifted head to toe, including these amazing vintage mint high waisted shorts!

vintage-mint-high-waisted-shorts-orange-belt-brown-wedges-cat-eye-glasses-polka-dot-tank-top-60s-outfit-1 vintage-mint-high-waisted-shorts-orange-belt-brown-wedges-cat-eye-glasses-polka-dot-tank-top-60s-outfit-2 vintage-mint-high-waisted-shorts-orange-belt-brown-wedges-cat-eye-glasses-polka-dot-tank-top-60s-outfit-3 vintage-mint-high-waisted-shorts-orange-belt-brown-wedges-cat-eye-glasses-polka-dot-tank-top-60s-outfit-4 vintage-mint-high-waisted-shorts-orange-belt-brown-wedges-cat-eye-glasses-polka-dot-tank-top-60s-outfit-5

Outfit Details: Polka dot tank top (similar), thrifted $3; mint high-waisted shorts (similar), thrifted $2.50; orange belt (similar), thrifted $.99; brown t-strap wedge sandals (similar), thrifted $3.99


Does anybody else have a problem with going to Target and leaving with WAY more than you anticipated? They always have the most darling clothing and accessories and usually some pretty great sales, so how can you stop at just ONE section of the store? I found these pink polka dotted skinny jeans in the girl’s section (yes…the LITTLE girl’s section) for $8! Do you ever visit other sections of clothing stores? I usually swing by the girl’s and boy’s sections to browse their sale racks in hopes of finding a treasure…like these pants!

pink-polka-dot-skinny-jeans-brown-boots-black-knit-leg-warmers-grey-v-neck-loose-curls-1 pink-polka-dot-skinny-jeans-brown-boots-black-knit-leg-warmers-grey-v-neck-loose-curls-2

As our snow continues to melt, I’m branching out (finally) from my snow boots to regular boots, and hopefully back to my flats and heels soon! I’ve been using my Hunter fleece/knit inserts inside my regular brown boots for added warmth! If you have a pair of Hunter rain boots, I highly suggest getting a pair of the inserts!

pink-polka-dot-skinny-jeans-brown-boots-black-knit-leg-warmers-grey-v-neck-loose-curls-3 pink-polka-dot-skinny-jeans-brown-boots-black-knit-leg-warmers-grey-v-neck-loose-curls-4

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!


Outfit Breakdown: black cardigan, Old Navy (old); grey v-neck, skinny jeans, necklace, Target; boots, Ross; leg warmer inserts, Hunter

Dotted & Checked

Sometimes I come up with weird outfits…like this one. It’s fun to take 2 pieces in your wardrobe you wouldn’t usually pair and try them together. It takes a bit of trial and error, but the result can be fun! I tried to stick to 3 colors since there is a lot of pattern mixing. I think that is the key with pattern mixing…have a common element (in this case it’s black in the dots, on the skirt, and my tights).

ALSO, my hair is officially long enough to stay in a top knot bun…ALL DAY! Growing my hair out is driving me crazy but now that I have an easy updo option, I’m saved! There are still quite a few bobby pins involved, but it’s becoming less!

Happy Friday! I’m going to a white elephant gift party, then straight to a tacky sweater party (pics to come!), then to my husband’s concert ..all after work of course. It’s going to be AWESOME!

Outfit Breakdown: polka dot button down: Burlington Coat Factory, $7, black and white checkered pencil skirt: thrifted, $2.50, black tights: Gap, $6, heels: gift, belt: from another shirt, necklace: Francescas, $3.50


Vintage Items!

I’m excited to announce a new part of my Etsy shop! I’m now selling vintage clothing and accessories in addition to hand made bow ties! See pictures below to get a glimps of what you can find at my shop and be sure to stop by, here!

Tri-colored purse!

Houndstooth pencil skirt!

These Minnetonka moccasins are not vintage, but I’m selling them, here!

Polka dot maxi skirt!

Purple skirt with coordinating belt!

Tartan plaid western shirt!

Floral t-shirt!