Another head to toe thrifed look which includes this crazy vintage skirt with an awesome print! I decided to keep the drapey look going by pairing it with this thrifted Zara top.  sheer-white-drapey-zara-blouse-pink-gold-chaine-hip-bow-tie-pencil-skirt-vintage-simple-leather-wedge-heels-cat-eye-glasses-top-knot-1 sheer-white-drapey-zara-blouse-pink-gold-chaine-hip-bow-tie-pencil-skirt-vintage-simple-leather-wedge-heels-cat-eye-glasses-top-knot-2 sheer-white-drapey-zara-blouse-pink-gold-chaine-hip-bow-tie-pencil-skirt-vintage-simple-leather-wedge-heels-cat-eye-glasses-top-knot-3 sheer-white-drapey-zara-blouse-pink-gold-chaine-hip-bow-tie-pencil-skirt-vintage-simple-leather-wedge-heels-cat-eye-glasses-top-knot-4

Happy Monday! Hope you all have a wonderful week!


Outfit Details: vintage pink pencil skirt, thrifted $2.99; sheer Zara blouse, thrifted $.95; wedges, thrifted $3.99; glasses, Bonlook

Lighting & Patience

2 things…

1. Lighting matters when picking out outfits. Getting ready in the dark so as to try not to wake up your slumbering husband leads to outfits that you thought coordinated in the dark, but in actuality don’t…like this. Oh well, I still like how this look turned out despite the fact that the blue and grey clash and the pink pattern in the skirt is a totally different shade than the pink in the blouse. Haha. Has this ever happend to you?

2. Does anyone have any good recommendations for growing hair out faster?! My patience is running thin with my blonde locks! This awkward ‘hit shoulder and flip every which way’ is driving me nuts!!

Outfit Breakdown: Blouse, Target $9, pencil skirt, thrifted $1.99, shoes, thrifted $2.99, vintage belt, $3.99

Encouraged by this passage today! ‘He {God} does not treat us as our sins deserve or repay us according to our iniquities. For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is His love for those who fear Him.” (Psalm 103:10-11)

Tray Tables Up

So, today I looked like a flight attendant. It wasn’t really intended but several co-workers confirmed that yes…I could be shutting cabin overheads and offering decaf or caffeinated coffee to thirsty flyers. It leads me to believe what I already knew…I have no definable ‘style’. One day I favor mod, clean lines. The next day it’s boho-chic! Then you have days like this…total flight attendant (not that flight attendant is a classified style, haha).

One thing is for sure, no matter what style mood I’m in, vintage pieces always have a way of being my favourite part of every outfit! This silk blouse was purchased for $1 at a local ship. I love the bow tie front and the sweet paisley print.

Hope you all had a great flight here today with Beauty & Bows airlines, thank you for flying with me!

Outfit Breakdown: All items thrifted! Ralph Lauren knit shirt $2.50, Silk Vintage Blouse $1, Ann Taylor Pencil Skirt $3.99, Nude Heels $2.99

Dotted & Checked

Sometimes I come up with weird outfits…like this one. It’s fun to take 2 pieces in your wardrobe you wouldn’t usually pair and try them together. It takes a bit of trial and error, but the result can be fun! I tried to stick to 3 colors since there is a lot of pattern mixing. I think that is the key with pattern mixing…have a common element (in this case it’s black in the dots, on the skirt, and my tights).

ALSO, my hair is officially long enough to stay in a top knot bun…ALL DAY! Growing my hair out is driving me crazy but now that I have an easy updo option, I’m saved! There are still quite a few bobby pins involved, but it’s becoming less!

Happy Friday! I’m going to a white elephant gift party, then straight to a tacky sweater party (pics to come!), then to my husband’s concert ..all after work of course. It’s going to be AWESOME!

Outfit Breakdown: polka dot button down: Burlington Coat Factory, $7, black and white checkered pencil skirt: thrifted, $2.50, black tights: Gap, $6, heels: gift, belt: from another shirt, necklace: Francescas, $3.50



The irony of this outfit is I JUST told my mother-in-law I never wear boots and skirts b/c I feel like it makes the outfit too cut up. I am officially eating my words b/c today I wore my new $6 pink skirt with my black boots. Do you think it works? Would you wear a skirt with boots?

Outfit Details: Skirt, Target $6, Pink shirt, Banana Republic (thrifted) $2.50, Grey sweater, Wet Seal (old), Boots, Overstock.com, Leg warmer, Target $6, Necklace, thrifted $1