I love mixing rich and delicate textures to create an interesting palette! In this look I combined lace, tweed, and leather! What is your favorite combo of textures?

emerald-green-lace-peplum-vintage-black-and-white-tweed-wool-houndstooth-pencil-skirt-simple-t-strap-wedge-sandals-cat-eye-sunnies-gold-star-fish-earrings-brown-leather-clutch-summer-outfit-1 emerald-green-lace-peplum-vintage-black-and-white-tweed-wool-houndstooth-pencil-skirt-simple-t-strap-wedge-sandals-cat-eye-sunnies-gold-star-fish-earrings-brown-leather-clutch-summer-outfit-2 emerald-green-lace-peplum-vintage-black-and-white-tweed-wool-houndstooth-pencil-skirt-simple-t-strap-wedge-sandals-cat-eye-sunnies-gold-star-fish-earrings-brown-leather-clutch-summer-outfit-3 emerald-green-lace-peplum-vintage-black-and-white-tweed-wool-houndstooth-pencil-skirt-simple-t-strap-wedge-sandals-cat-eye-sunnies-gold-star-fish-earrings-brown-leather-clutch-summer-outfit-4 emerald-green-lace-peplum-vintage-black-and-white-tweed-wool-houndstooth-pencil-skirt-simple-t-strap-wedge-sandals-cat-eye-sunnies-gold-star-fish-earrings-brown-leather-clutch-summer-outfit-5

Outfit Details: emerald peplum lace top, Target $17; vintage black and white houndstooth pencil skirt, thrifted $.50; t-strap wedges, thrifted $3.99; leather clutch, TJMaxx $25; glasses, Bonlook; vintage gold starfish earrings, antique shop $.25; lip color, Wet n Wild Megalast in Mauve Outta Here


Sweet flowers from my man and a thrifted khaki dress that makes me feel like I could explore exotic safari lands! Happy Monday!

khaki-safari-dress-clog-heels-cat-eye-glasses-summer-outfit-fashion-style-ootd-1 khaki-safari-dress-clog-heels-cat-eye-glasses-summer-outfit-fashion-style-ootd-2 khaki-safari-dress-clog-heels-cat-eye-glasses-summer-outfit-fashion-style-ootd-3 khaki-safari-dress-clog-heels-cat-eye-glasses-summer-outfit-fashion-style-ootd-4 khaki-safari-dress-clog-heels-cat-eye-glasses-summer-outfit-fashion-style-ootd-5

Outfit Details: khaki dress, thrifted $6.99; clogs, thrifted $2.50; watch, Target $15; glasses, Bonlook; flowers, from my sweet Daniel!

Emerald Peplum

There are very few occasions where I will buy something full price…this top was one of them. Pantone’s color of the year, lace, AND peplum…way to go Target for this triple-wammy of awesomeness!

emerald-lace-peplum-white-jacket-skinny-jeans-cognac-clogs-heels-1 emerald-lace-peplum-white-jacket-skinny-jeans-cognac-clogs-heels-2


Several weeks ago I thrifted these heels. I was intrigued by the clog-esque style and the little studs on the side. They are a bit unique but surprisingly really comfortable and supportive!

emerald-lace-peplum-white-jacket-skinny-jeans-cognac-clogs-heels-4 emerald-lace-peplum-white-jacket-skinny-jeans-cognac-clogs-heels-5

Happy Wednesday, y’all! And happy May! My friend Maria and I are challenging ourselves to no shopping for the entire month of May! Here we GO!


Outfit Details: white jacket, thrifted $2.99; emerald peplum top, Target $19.99; skinny jeans, H&M $9.99; clog heels, thrifted $1.99

Minty Fresh

Pretty sure mint jeans are so 2012 but I just got a pair over the holidays and I love them! I’m excited to wear them for Winter and into Spring! If you have mint jeans, how are you wearing them this Winter?


Outfit Breakdown: Striped sweater, TJMAXX $12, mint jeans, Macy’s $17, purple scarf, thrifted $.45, shoes, TJMAXX $13, gold watch, Target $15, earrings, flea market $2

Lighting & Patience

2 things…

1. Lighting matters when picking out outfits. Getting ready in the dark so as to try not to wake up your slumbering husband leads to outfits that you thought coordinated in the dark, but in actuality don’t…like this. Oh well, I still like how this look turned out despite the fact that the blue and grey clash and the pink pattern in the skirt is a totally different shade than the pink in the blouse. Haha. Has this ever happend to you?

2. Does anyone have any good recommendations for growing hair out faster?! My patience is running thin with my blonde locks! This awkward ‘hit shoulder and flip every which way’ is driving me nuts!!

Outfit Breakdown: Blouse, Target $9, pencil skirt, thrifted $1.99, shoes, thrifted $2.99, vintage belt, $3.99

Encouraged by this passage today! ‘He {God} does not treat us as our sins deserve or repay us according to our iniquities. For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is His love for those who fear Him.” (Psalm 103:10-11)