Ponies & Puppies

My daily routine consists of taking this little one on a walk. Josie (my 1 year old rescue mut) is spunky and curious and happy to be alive! As funny as it sounds she really inspires me! She is always glad to greet me and even when I have to discipline her, she immediately comes to me, gives me a lick, and longs to reconcile her action. I love her pure little puppy heart!


And lately I’ve also been loving pony tails! This is a hair style I haven’t tried since I was quite young, but I’m enjoying how quick and easy it is to pull my hair away from my face on a hot day. Have you rocked a pony lately?


Baby girl is now 22 weeks along, over half way there! She is hiding under this lace peplum top! Lately I’ve been feeling her move a LOT. It’s a bit like someone is blowing bubbles in the pit of my tummy, but I love it! Just knowing she’s in there swimming around is so cool!


For now Josie is happy being my only ‘baby girl’ to cuddle with. Little does she know how soon her little puppy world will be rocked! ;D


Outfit Details: top, TJMaxx; skirt, Ross; sandals, Target; sunnies, Kohls

Such Great Heights

Hello blogging world! Daniel and I are back from our grand Europe excursion! We had an incredible time filled with SO many adventures and new sites. If it already hadn’t, the travel bug has bit me! I’m more excited than ever to see new parts of the world, learn about new cultures, and even learn a new language! God truly blessed our trip, kept us safe, and bonded Daniel and me together even tighter! Thank you to all of you who prayed for us or wished us well!

Now, October is here and Fall has arrived! I’m loving this season so much! The fall scented candles are burning non-stop in my home! As for what to wear, I’m loving rich dark fall colors and dramatic lengths. What are your current Fall favs?

maxi-skirt-with-slit-black-high-low-shirt-fall-outfit-october-top-knot-wedges-ross-target-italy-ootd-fashion-what-to-wear-beauty-and-bows-1 maxi-skirt-with-slit-black-high-low-shirt-fall-outfit-october-top-knot-wedges-ross-target-italy-ootd-fashion-what-to-wear-beauty-and-bows-2 maxi-skirt-with-slit-black-high-low-shirt-fall-outfit-october-top-knot-wedges-ross-target-italy-ootd-fashion-what-to-wear-beauty-and-bows-3

My souvenir from Italy…new earrings!

maxi-skirt-with-slit-black-high-low-shirt-fall-outfit-october-top-knot-wedges-ross-target-italy-ootd-fashion-what-to-wear-beauty-and-bows-4 maxi-skirt-with-slit-black-high-low-shirt-fall-outfit-october-top-knot-wedges-ross-target-italy-ootd-fashion-what-to-wear-beauty-and-bows-5 maxi-skirt-with-slit-black-high-low-shirt-fall-outfit-october-top-knot-wedges-ross-target-italy-ootd-fashion-what-to-wear-beauty-and-bows-6

Outfit Details: top & skirt, Ross; wedges, Target (end of summer sale!); earrings, silver ones from Italy, gold ones from F21

End of Summer Blues

As summer comes to an end, it’s time to break out any lightweight pieces that will soon be packed away until next year, like this lacy top! I paired it with several shades of blue!

What pieces are you wearing before fall arrives?

blue-maxi-skirt-lace-top-summer-outfit-skinny-belt-wedges-ootd-fashion-round-sunnies-beauty-and-bows-1 blue-maxi-skirt-lace-top-summer-outfit-skinny-belt-wedges-ootd-fashion-round-sunnies-beauty-and-bows-2 blue-maxi-skirt-lace-top-summer-outfit-skinny-belt-wedges-ootd-fashion-round-sunnies-beauty-and-bows-3 blue-maxi-skirt-lace-top-summer-outfit-skinny-belt-wedges-ootd-fashion-round-sunnies-beauty-and-bows-4 blue-maxi-skirt-lace-top-summer-outfit-skinny-belt-wedges-ootd-fashion-round-sunnies-beauty-and-bows-5

Outfit details: lace top, Sears $8; blue maxi skirt, Target $5; wedges, Target $13; sunnies, Kohls $6

Partially Peplum

Have any of you been to JCPenny lately? Somehow, magically, they got awesome. It’s been a while since I’ve been to Penny’s but I went the other day and found this top for $8 and an amazing dress for $4 (outfit to come). There were gorgeous clothes everywhere and amazing sales. Way to go, JCPenny!


This top intrigued me b/c of the awesome tropical-ish floral print on the back and the partial peplum front. I decided to pair it with a comfy maxi skirt and easy flats! Let’s just say, I was super comfy all around.

partially-peplum-tropical-floral-top-blue-maxi-skirt-chatreuse-flats-tribal-bangle-2 partially-peplum-tropical-floral-top-blue-maxi-skirt-chatreuse-flats-tribal-bangle-3 partially-peplum-tropical-floral-top-blue-maxi-skirt-chatreuse-flats-tribal-bangle-4 partially-peplum-tropical-floral-top-blue-maxi-skirt-chatreuse-flats-tribal-bangle-5 partially-peplum-tropical-floral-top-blue-maxi-skirt-chatreuse-flats-tribal-bangle-6

Outfit Details: top, JCPenny $8; maxi skirt, Target $6; chartreuse flats, 2nd hand $9; tribal wood bangle, F21 $4

Vintage Items!

I’m excited to announce a new part of my Etsy shop! I’m now selling vintage clothing and accessories in addition to hand made bow ties! See pictures below to get a glimps of what you can find at my shop and be sure to stop by, here!

Tri-colored purse!

Houndstooth pencil skirt!

These Minnetonka moccasins are not vintage, but I’m selling them, here!

Polka dot maxi skirt!

Purple skirt with coordinating belt!

Tartan plaid western shirt!

Floral t-shirt!