I dress like an old lady. Deal with it.

vintage-button-down-striped-dress-mustard-bow-belt-ootd-loose-messy-curls-wedge-booties-fashion-beauty-and-bows-7 vintage-button-down-striped-dress-mustard-bow-belt-ootd-loose-messy-curls-wedge-booties-fashion-beauty-and-bows-6 vintage-button-down-striped-dress-mustard-bow-belt-ootd-loose-messy-curls-wedge-booties-fashion-beauty-and-bows-5 vintage-button-down-striped-dress-mustard-bow-belt-ootd-loose-messy-curls-wedge-booties-fashion-beauty-and-bows-4 vintage-button-down-striped-dress-mustard-bow-belt-ootd-loose-messy-curls-wedge-booties-fashion-beauty-and-bows-3 vintage-button-down-striped-dress-mustard-bow-belt-ootd-loose-messy-curls-wedge-booties-fashion-beauty-and-bows-2 vintage-button-down-striped-dress-mustard-bow-belt-ootd-loose-messy-curls-wedge-booties-fashion-beauty-and-bows-1

Outfit Details: dress, vintage & thrifted $4; mustard  bow belt, made by me!; polka dot socks, Target; wedge booties, Payless; ring, Charlotte Russe

Back in Black

Do you have a simple black maxi dress yet? Well…you should! SO comfy and easy to style! This was purchased from the sales rack at Target for less than $10! I styled it with a vintage owl necklace and sunnies. Easy summer stylin and livin!

black-pleated-maxi-skirt-vintage-owl-necklace-sunnies-loose-curls-summer-outfit-ootd-fashion-style-1 black-pleated-maxi-skirt-vintage-owl-necklace-sunnies-loose-curls-summer-outfit-ootd-fashion-style-2 black-pleated-maxi-skirt-vintage-owl-necklace-sunnies-loose-curls-summer-outfit-ootd-fashion-style-3

Outfit Details: black maxi dress, Target $9.48; belt, thrifted $.50; vintage owl necklace, antique mall $2.50; sunnies, Target $12.99


Some may say that a bold lip, a bold skirt, and bold heels may be too much bold for 1 look. Well, I say 3 bolds make a right! Live up these summer colors while ya can!

vintage-purple-pleated-skirt-matte-orange-lip-stick-oatmeal-t-shirt-blue-strappy-heels-cat-eye-glasses-vintage-belt-gold-studs-loose-curls-summer-outfit-1 vintage-purple-pleated-skirt-matte-orange-lip-stick-oatmeal-t-shirt-blue-strappy-heels-cat-eye-glasses-vintage-belt-gold-studs-loose-curls-summer-outfit-2 vintage-purple-pleated-skirt-matte-orange-lip-stick-oatmeal-t-shirt-blue-strappy-heels-cat-eye-glasses-vintage-belt-gold-studs-loose-curls-summer-outfit-3

Have any of you tried Wet N Wild’s Megalast lip color? I am very picky when it comes to lipsticks, but this one is my absolute fav! It stays on all day, doesn’t get clumpy, they have great matte colors (a must), and all for $1.99 at your local drugstore. Can’t beat that!

vintage-purple-pleated-skirt-matte-orange-lip-stick-oatmeal-t-shirt-blue-strappy-heels-cat-eye-glasses-vintage-belt-gold-studs-loose-curls-summer-outfit-4 vintage-purple-pleated-skirt-matte-orange-lip-stick-oatmeal-t-shirt-blue-strappy-heels-cat-eye-glasses-vintage-belt-gold-studs-loose-curls-summer-outfit-5

Outfit Details: oatmeal t-shirt, Charlotte Russe (super old); vintage neutral belt with gold clasp and studs, thrifted $.99; purple pleated skirt, thrifted $2.99; blue strappy heels, thrifted $4.99; lip color, Wet ‘N Wild Megalast Lip color Carrot Gold $1.99

Stripes & Florals & Pups!

Daniel and I have been puppy sitting this 3 pound little nugget and we have sort of fallen in love! She is such a doll! Her name is Ellie and she is my cousin’s Yorkie!
She has been my constant sidekick and even accompanied me to a few estate sales where I found this vintage floral skirt and silver cuff bracelet!

Have you tried the stripes and floral combo yet? Ellie agrees that it’s a fun and easy way to pattern mix! :)


Look at that lil face! <3 <3


Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July and are enjoying your Friday!

floral-vintage-skirt-black-and-white-fitted-t-shirt-cat-eye-glasses-heels-yorkshire-terrior-ootd-outfit-4 floral-vintage-skirt-black-and-white-fitted-t-shirt-cat-eye-glasses-heels-yorkshire-terrior-ootd-outfit-5

Outfit Details: black and white striped t-shirt, Ross $6.99; floral skirt, estate sale $.50; heels, TJMaxx (last season) $9; silver cuff, estate sale $6; glasses, Bonlook

Four Dollar Floral

Remember that $4 dress I referenced in this post? Well, this is it! I’m tellin ya, if you haven’t been to JCPenny’s in a while…GO. They have wicked sales!

floral-mod-dress-ankle-boots-wide-belt-1 floral-mod-dress-ankle-boots-wide-belt-2

Daniel and I will be heading out to California tomorrow evening! I’m SO excited to spend some time on the west coast, where I’ve never been! Any suggestions on places to visit while in Santa Barbara or LA?

floral-mod-dress-ankle-boots-wide-belt-3 floral-mod-dress-ankle-boots-wide-belt-4

Outfit Details: floral dress, JCPenny $4; deep purple tights, TJMaxx $5; suede ankle boots, thrifted $3.50