Windy Wanderlust

Remember Maria from this post? Here we are again getting lost in our neighborhood on a very windy day and enjoying the amazing colors of fall!

fall-outfit-wanderlust-ootd-long-sweater-layers-scarf-boots-fashion-style-belted-beauty-and-bows-1 fall-outfit-wanderlust-ootd-long-sweater-layers-scarf-boots-fashion-style-belted-beauty-and-bows-2

Maria and I live only a few blocks apart and I have the lovely pleasure of going to Bible study with her every week. This inevitably leads to deep convo, lots of getting honest, and talks of our hopes, dreams, and prayers.

fall-outfit-wanderlust-ootd-long-sweater-layers-scarf-boots-fashion-style-belted-beauty-and-bows-3 fall-outfit-wanderlust-ootd-long-sweater-layers-scarf-boots-fashion-style-belted-beauty-and-bows-4

I am constantly inspired by her adorable style, love for people, joyful spirit, and her kind heart.

fall-outfit-wanderlust-ootd-long-sweater-layers-scarf-boots-fashion-style-belted-beauty-and-bows-5 fall-outfit-wanderlust-ootd-long-sweater-layers-scarf-boots-fashion-style-belted-beauty-and-bows-6

She is such a stunning woman of God and I adore her friendship!

fall-outfit-wanderlust-ootd-long-sweater-layers-scarf-boots-fashion-style-belted-beauty-and-bows-7 fall-outfit-wanderlust-ootd-long-sweater-layers-scarf-boots-fashion-style-belted-beauty-and-bows-8

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! <3


My sweet mother-in-law bought me this white lace top and I thought it’d be fun to create a greyscale look!


The other thing I’ve been wanting to try is layering 2 skirts to create a new look. This idea came to me from a look by Blaire on Atlantic-Pacific. She layered a flared top with a flared skirt, but it inspired me to get creative! Do you ever draw inspiration from others then add your own twist?

white-lace-top-trumpet-skirt-ootd-2 white-lace-top-trumpet-skirt-ootd-3

Happy Friday!!


Outfit Details: lace top, gift; 2 skirts layered, thrifted; heels, Payless

Blizzard Of Oz

What do you do when you get almost a full week of snow days? Well you grab your friend and take pretty snow pictures, of course! This is my gorgeous friend, Maria (last seen here)!


snow-day-leather-jacket-dress-leggings-snow-boots-aztec-earrings-2 snow-day-leather-jacket-dress-leggings-snow-boots-aztec-earrings-3 snow-day-leather-jacket-dress-leggings-snow-boots-aztec-earrings-8 snow-day-leather-jacket-dress-leggings-snow-boots-aztec-earrings-9 snow-day-leather-jacket-dress-leggings-snow-boots-aztec-earrings-10 snow-day-leather-jacket-dress-leggings-snow-boots-aztec-earrings-11 snow-day-leather-jacket-dress-leggings-snow-boots-aztec-earrings-15 snow-day-leather-jacket-dress-leggings-snow-boots-aztec-earrings-16 snow-day-leather-jacket-dress-leggings-snow-boots-aztec-earrings-17 snow-day-leather-jacket-dress-leggings-snow-boots-aztec-earrings-18 snow-day-leather-jacket-dress-leggings-snow-boots-aztec-earrings-19 violet-hunter-rain-boots-burgundy-corduroy-skinnies-layers-preppy-top-knot-4 violet-hunter-rain-boots-burgundy-corduroy-skinnies-layers-preppy-top-knot-5 violet-hunter-rain-boots-burgundy-corduroy-skinnies-layers-preppy-top-knot-6 violet-hunter-rain-boots-burgundy-corduroy-skinnies-layers-preppy-top-knot-7 violet-hunter-rain-boots-burgundy-corduroy-skinnies-layers-preppy-top-knot-12 violet-hunter-rain-boots-burgundy-corduroy-skinnies-layers-preppy-top-knot-13 violet-hunter-rain-boots-burgundy-corduroy-skinnies-layers-preppy-top-knot-14


As a Kansan I am pretty well acquainted with the concept of layering. Our weather is quite unpredictable and extremely varied. Last week it was in the 60′s, this week we had what is being coined as, ‘The Blizzard of Oz’. I’m realizing while my wardrobe has many layering pieces, there aren’t many long sleeved items or sweaters to work with. So…what I do have that can be layered must be combined to create a bizarre mixture of color and pattern. It’s been fun to create outfits I never would have dreamed up otherwise all for the sake of staying warm! And…just a warning…there is supposed to be MORE snow headed our way. So stranger combos may be to come!

And, what’s that on top of my head, you say? Well, it’s a top knot with a polka dot silk scarf wrapped around it! (previously seen worn a completely different way, here.)

Outfit Breakdown: Sweater, necklace, silk scarf, and bracelet: thrifted; polka dot shirt, Burlington $9; faux leather leggings, Forever 21 $19; violet Hunter boots, gift!

3 Easy Fall Layer Ideas

After a long hot summer, it’s so fun to pull out my scarves and boots again! During transition seasons like Fall and Spring, thinking in layers helps prepare yourself for potential temp changes during the day. And if you are like me my office at work is either freezing or burning hot, so I need the option of peeling off layers or adding them back on.

What are your favorite ways to layer for Fall?

Denim Jacket: Thrifted for $3.50, Scarf: TJ Maxx for $12, Tunic Shirt: Thrifted for $2.50, Coral Skinnies: American Eagle via gift card, Boots: Ross $25