Not gonna lie, all this snow has left little motivation for putting much thought into what I’m wearing. All I can think about is just staying warm! Thankfully this awesome slouchy beanie and these fair aisle leggings from Daily Charms have helped me do just that!

slouchy-beanie-infinity-scarf-fair-aisle-leggings-ankle-booties-snowy-day-outfit-ootd-beauty-and-bows-blog-daily-charms-1 slouchy-beanie-infinity-scarf-fair-aisle-leggings-ankle-booties-snowy-day-outfit-ootd-beauty-and-bows-blog-daily-charms-2 slouchy-beanie-infinity-scarf-fair-aisle-leggings-ankle-booties-snowy-day-outfit-ootd-beauty-and-bows-blog-daily-charms-3 slouchy-beanie-infinity-scarf-fair-aisle-leggings-ankle-booties-snowy-day-outfit-ootd-beauty-and-bows-blog-daily-charms-4

Hope you all are staying warm out there!



Outfit Details: beanie & leggings, c/o Daily Charms; dress, thrifted; sweater, Target; ankle booties, thrifted; scarf, thrifted

New Shades

So I have this problem where I go through sunglasses really fast. I sit on them, scratch them beyond repair, or just loose them after about 2 months. I’m REALLY hoping I can make these vintage Liz Claiborne’s last a bit longer than that!

vintage-sunnies-black-leather-jacket-infinty-scarf-levis-fall-winter-outfit-ootd-fashion-beauty-and-bows-1 vintage-sunnies-black-leather-jacket-infinty-scarf-levis-fall-winter-outfit-ootd-fashion-beauty-and-bows-2 vintage-sunnies-black-leather-jacket-infinty-scarf-levis-fall-winter-outfit-ootd-fashion-beauty-and-bows-3 vintage-sunnies-black-leather-jacket-infinty-scarf-levis-fall-winter-outfit-ootd-fashion-beauty-and-bows-4 vintage-sunnies-black-leather-jacket-infinty-scarf-levis-fall-winter-outfit-ootd-fashion-beauty-and-bows-5

Outfit Details: sunnies, thrifted $9; leather jacket, Target $19 (last year); striped sweater, thrifted $2; Levis, thrifted $3.99; scarf, Gap (gift); flats, thrifted $3.50

Vintage Snow Boots & My Fav Oscar Dress

Several weeks ago I thrifted these dusty rose vintage snow boots. Lately I’ve had plenty of chances to give them a whirl! We have ANOTHER snow day today! That makes for a 6.5 day weekend for me or 4.5 days of not going into work. While it’s been a wonderful time to rest, clean, read, and watch lots of movies…I think most of us around here are ready to get back to work!


Outfit Breakdown: denim jacket, snow boots, dress: thrifted; scarf, gift; pink tights, Target $4

The 2013 Oscars had so many incredible dresses but for me Octavia Spencer’s Tadashi Shoji gown took the cake! This dress was SO flattering on her and check out that neckline! She looks like a whimsical classy dream with just the right updo to show off her sweet little shoulder. I thought she hit a great balance of interest and style all the while being conscious of her figure. What was your fav gown from the Oscars?


3 Ways to Stay Warm & Save

There are so many cute trends happening this season but trying to keep up with them all can get pretty pricey! I have a few ideas how you can stay warm and keep on-trend without breaking your bank!

1. DIY Infinity Scarf(or snood) from Cable Knit Scarf

Most of us have a cable knit scarf lying around and there is a very easy way to turn it into an infinity scarf! Simply lay out your scarf, put the 2 ends together and use a simple stitch to connect the edges. See picture 3 for details!

2. Layer jackets in new ways

Instead of buying a new jacket or coat this season, see what jackets you already have that can be layered in a new way. I used my go-to denim jacket that isn’t quite warm enough as Winter approaches. But, layered under my down vest, it’s so cozy!

3. Check you local thrift shops for gloves

Gloves can be very expensive, so before going to the store, try shopping at your local thrift shop. I got these adorable vintage red leather gloves at my local DAV!

These gloves and this skirt are for sale on my Etsy, here!

I hope these 3 tips help you stay warm this season as well as stay on budget!


Feminine Friday

Today was rainy, thus the indoor photos. I just felt like being a bit more feminine than usual and to me that equals soft pinks and lace.

The only piece of today’s outfit that was thrifted is my shirt, but it is quite versatile and I’m finding it to be a ‘staple’ in my wardrobe.


Happy Friday everyone!