It’s a cinch!

Isn’t it amazing how simply cinching an outfit with a belt and a quick rubberband can change an entire look? This dress had no shape beforehand!


Also, I may have already worn this dress twice this week b/c it’s one of those easy, go-to, throw it on, it’s so hot outside I might die, kind of dresses! It’s a cinch! :)

floral-midi-summer-dress-belted-topknot-sunnies-simple-flat-gladiator-sandals-ootd-summer-outfit-2 floral-midi-summer-dress-belted-topknot-sunnies-simple-flat-gladiator-sandals-ootd-summer-outfit-3 floral-midi-summer-dress-belted-topknot-sunnies-simple-flat-gladiator-sandals-ootd-summer-outfit-4

Outfit Details: floral dress, thrifted $4; belt, thrifted $.99; gladiator sandals, thrifted $1.50; earrings, Haitian vendor $2; sunnies, Target $12

Stripes & Florals & Pups!

Daniel and I have been puppy sitting this 3 pound little nugget and we have sort of fallen in love! She is such a doll! Her name is Ellie and she is my cousin’s Yorkie!
She has been my constant sidekick and even accompanied me to a few estate sales where I found this vintage floral skirt and silver cuff bracelet!

Have you tried the stripes and floral combo yet? Ellie agrees that it’s a fun and easy way to pattern mix! :)


Look at that lil face! <3 <3


Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July and are enjoying your Friday!

floral-vintage-skirt-black-and-white-fitted-t-shirt-cat-eye-glasses-heels-yorkshire-terrior-ootd-outfit-4 floral-vintage-skirt-black-and-white-fitted-t-shirt-cat-eye-glasses-heels-yorkshire-terrior-ootd-outfit-5

Outfit Details: black and white striped t-shirt, Ross $6.99; floral skirt, estate sale $.50; heels, TJMaxx (last season) $9; silver cuff, estate sale $6; glasses, Bonlook

Vintage Floral

This lovely vintage floral dress is for sale on my Etsy shop! I’ve posted lots of new vintage items! Check it out, here!


Hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July! I’ll be posting what I wore for the 4th next week!

vintage-floral-dress-summer-outfit-hipster-t-strap-wedges-cat-eye-glasses-hat-2 vintage-floral-dress-summer-outfit-hipster-t-strap-wedges-cat-eye-glasses-hat-3

Summer Scarf

Remember when I mentioned that clothing swap? Well this scarf was one of the treasures I came away with! I know scarves aren’t typically worn in the summer, but I just couldn’t wait until the fall to give this green beauty a go! I decided to style this scarf for summer by pairing it with a breezy top, lightweight skirt, and sandals!

cobalt-blue-pencil-green-scarf-spring-gladiator-sandals-topknot-cat-eye-glasses-ootd-1 cobalt-blue-pencil-green-scarf-spring-gladiator-sandals-topknot-cat-eye-glasses-ootd-2 cobalt-blue-pencil-green-scarf-spring-gladiator-sandals-topknot-cat-eye-glasses-ootd-3 cobalt-blue-pencil-green-scarf-spring-gladiator-sandals-topknot-cat-eye-glasses-ootd-4 cobalt-blue-pencil-green-scarf-spring-gladiator-sandals-topknot-cat-eye-glasses-ootd-5

Outfit Details: green scarf, from clothing swap!; floral tank top, Franscesca’s $5 (sale); cobalt pencil skirt, thrifted $2; sandals, Kohls $20; jade bracelet, gift; wood & gold bangle, Forever 21 $4; gold chain bracelet, local antique shop $3

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

1. I LOVE jean Monday at work!

2. I love sunsets!

3. I love new hair cuts!

God is good!

Outfit breakdown: Floral blouse, TJMaxx $12; skinny jeans, $8 (thrifted); mustard scarf, Walmart $5, purple combat boots, $8 (thrifted)