Tied Up

Outdoor concert wear!

floral-summer-dress-chambray-denim-tied-up-shirt-loose-curles-white-toms-1 floral-summer-dress-chambray-denim-tied-up-shirt-loose-curles-white-toms-2 floral-summer-dress-chambray-denim-tied-up-shirt-loose-curles-white-toms-3 floral-summer-dress-chambray-denim-tied-up-shirt-loose-curles-white-toms-4

Outfit Details: floral dress, thrifted $2.50; chambray top, Forever 21 $17; white Toms, gift

Black + Brown + Daily Charms

One of my favorite color combos is black and brown (as seen here & here). It’s so easy to mix and match and even do some pattern mixing! In this outfit, I’ve incorporated 2 new items which I received from Daily Charms! They are a new online shop with extremely affordable and fashionable items. You know how I love to be chic on a dime!


One item I chose from the Daily Charms website was this adorable belt with gold band in the front($9). It’s elastic on the sides and will be making appearances on the blog quite often I have a feeling!


Another item I chose were these SUPER comfy black velour leggings. I’ve been really wanting a pair for quite some time and was excited to see these on their website for only $12! Although spring is coming to an end, I’m happy to wear these under my shorter dresses while the weather is still cool.


Daily Charms is offering Beauty & Bows readers a discount on any of their items when you use the code BEAUTY15. Head over to their site to check it out! And feel free to ask me any questions about fit or quality by responding to this post!


Not sure if you can tell, but I dyed my hair! I was going for an all over white-blonde and it didn’t really turn out that way. Going to keep working on the tone but for now I’m just a little brassy! Sigh…


Outfit Details: silk dress, thrifted $3.99; polka dot blouse, Ross $8; ankle boots, Overstock.com; necklace, Francesca’s $6; leggings & belt, c/0 Daily Charms

Four Dollar Floral

Remember that $4 dress I referenced in this post? Well, this is it! I’m tellin ya, if you haven’t been to JCPenny’s in a while…GO. They have wicked sales!

floral-mod-dress-ankle-boots-wide-belt-1 floral-mod-dress-ankle-boots-wide-belt-2

Daniel and I will be heading out to California tomorrow evening! I’m SO excited to spend some time on the west coast, where I’ve never been! Any suggestions on places to visit while in Santa Barbara or LA?

floral-mod-dress-ankle-boots-wide-belt-3 floral-mod-dress-ankle-boots-wide-belt-4

Outfit Details: floral dress, JCPenny $4; deep purple tights, TJMaxx $5; suede ankle boots, thrifted $3.50

Color & Curls

Just when I was celebrating the warmth of spring, we got hit with an ice storm. AN ICE STORM…IN APRIL! So the layers and boots came back into play but I had to keep some bright colors mixed in!

chartreuse-floral-dress-burnt-orange-cardigan-cobalt-blue-tights-black-booties-1 chartreuse-floral-dress-burnt-orange-cardigan-cobalt-blue-tights-black-booties-2

This hair style was inspired by one of my favorite bloggers who just chopped of her hair to a similar length to mine. She is way better at styling than me, so I’ve been snagging her looks! (Check her out, here!)

chartreuse-floral-dress-burnt-orange-cardigan-cobalt-blue-tights-black-booties-3 chartreuse-floral-dress-burnt-orange-cardigan-cobalt-blue-tights-black-booties-4 chartreuse-floral-dress-burnt-orange-cardigan-cobalt-blue-tights-black-booties-5 chartreuse-floral-dress-burnt-orange-cardigan-cobalt-blue-tights-black-booties-6

Outfit details: chartreuse floral dress, thrifted 4; orange cardigan, Target $8; cobalt blue leggings, Target $4; black studded booties, thrifted, $4.99

Hey Teach

Doesn’t this look like what a teacher would wear? Last week a flight attendant  this week a teacher? Maybe in my fashion subconscious I’m wanting to explore new fields of work!

Outfit Breakdown: Dress, thrifted $1.99, cardigan, Target $9.99, white tights, old, cognac shoes, Forever 21 $19.99, earrings, old, belt, thrifted $.99