Well, it happened. I finally got tired of my hair and just had to have a change. That inevitably led to bangs.


They are chunky and funky and I’m still learning how to style them. But generally I’m happy with my crazy bangs.


Along with styling these bangs, I’m learning to style this ever growing bump. It can be especially challenging to try and dress it up for work, but I feel like today was slightly successful! It’s amazing this skirt can still fit around this thing!


I hope you all are having a great week and enjoying this lovely changing weather! Blessings!


Outfit Details: top, Target; skirt & shoes, thrifted

Cobalt + Chartreuse

When everything around you is colorless, it’s time to add color! And 2 of my fav colors to be exact…cobalt and chartreuse!

cobalt-chartreuse-pencil-skirt-ootd-snow-day-outfit-beauty-and-bows-fashion-blog-1 cobalt-chartreuse-pencil-skirt-ootd-snow-day-outfit-beauty-and-bows-fashion-blog-2 cobalt-chartreuse-pencil-skirt-ootd-snow-day-outfit-beauty-and-bows-fashion-blog-3

This little cute hair bow is made from Washi tape! Learn how to make one on Camp Makery!

cobalt-chartreuse-pencil-skirt-ootd-snow-day-outfit-beauty-and-bows-fashion-blog-4 cobalt-chartreuse-pencil-skirt-ootd-snow-day-outfit-beauty-and-bows-fashion-blog-5

 Outfit Details: skirt & heels, thrifted; blouse, TJMaxx; sweater, Charlotte Ruse; lipstick, Wet N Wild


Not gonna lie, all this snow has left little motivation for putting much thought into what I’m wearing. All I can think about is just staying warm! Thankfully this awesome slouchy beanie and these fair aisle leggings from Daily Charms have helped me do just that!

slouchy-beanie-infinity-scarf-fair-aisle-leggings-ankle-booties-snowy-day-outfit-ootd-beauty-and-bows-blog-daily-charms-1 slouchy-beanie-infinity-scarf-fair-aisle-leggings-ankle-booties-snowy-day-outfit-ootd-beauty-and-bows-blog-daily-charms-2 slouchy-beanie-infinity-scarf-fair-aisle-leggings-ankle-booties-snowy-day-outfit-ootd-beauty-and-bows-blog-daily-charms-3 slouchy-beanie-infinity-scarf-fair-aisle-leggings-ankle-booties-snowy-day-outfit-ootd-beauty-and-bows-blog-daily-charms-4

Hope you all are staying warm out there!



Outfit Details: beanie & leggings, c/o Daily Charms; dress, thrifted; sweater, Target; ankle booties, thrifted; scarf, thrifted


Soooo you may call this scarf ‘mustard’ colored…but I’m calling it ‘butterscotch’! Is it b/c I’ve had a crazy sweet-tooth lately? Probably!


Wichita (well, all of Kansas) was hit with lots of snow this week, but before that came we had a very sunny Sunday where I wore this fun little skirt to church and out to lunch with friends. What a glorious sunny day!

Can you tell this girl is ready for Spring?!

daily-charms-mustard-knit-scarf-midi-skirt-ootd-winter-outfit-starfish-earrings-beauty-and-bows-3    daily-charms-mustard-knit-scarf-midi-skirt-ootd-winter-outfit-starfish-earrings-beauty-and-bows-4 daily-charms-mustard-knit-scarf-midi-skirt-ootd-winter-outfit-starfish-earrings-beauty-and-bows-2

Outfit Details: scarf, c/0 Daily Charms; long sweater, Deb; v-neck, Target; midi skirt, thrifted; booties, thrifted


When Daily Charms asked me to team up again, I was more than happy to say, ‘yes!’. Today I bring you some crazy space-inspired puffy leggings that are so cozy warm  and also a bit quirky…just how I like!
Be sure to keep an eye out for more Daily Charms items on B&B in the days to come!






Outfit Details: leggings, c/o Daily Charms; sweater, JCPenny; booties, thrifted