Another head to toe thrifed look which includes this crazy vintage skirt with an awesome print! I decided to keep the drapey look going by pairing it with this thrifted Zara top.  sheer-white-drapey-zara-blouse-pink-gold-chaine-hip-bow-tie-pencil-skirt-vintage-simple-leather-wedge-heels-cat-eye-glasses-top-knot-1 sheer-white-drapey-zara-blouse-pink-gold-chaine-hip-bow-tie-pencil-skirt-vintage-simple-leather-wedge-heels-cat-eye-glasses-top-knot-2 sheer-white-drapey-zara-blouse-pink-gold-chaine-hip-bow-tie-pencil-skirt-vintage-simple-leather-wedge-heels-cat-eye-glasses-top-knot-3 sheer-white-drapey-zara-blouse-pink-gold-chaine-hip-bow-tie-pencil-skirt-vintage-simple-leather-wedge-heels-cat-eye-glasses-top-knot-4

Happy Monday! Hope you all have a wonderful week!


Outfit Details: vintage pink pencil skirt, thrifted $2.99; sheer Zara blouse, thrifted $.95; wedges, thrifted $3.99; glasses, Bonlook


Sweet flowers from my man and a thrifted khaki dress that makes me feel like I could explore exotic safari lands! Happy Monday!

khaki-safari-dress-clog-heels-cat-eye-glasses-summer-outfit-fashion-style-ootd-1 khaki-safari-dress-clog-heels-cat-eye-glasses-summer-outfit-fashion-style-ootd-2 khaki-safari-dress-clog-heels-cat-eye-glasses-summer-outfit-fashion-style-ootd-3 khaki-safari-dress-clog-heels-cat-eye-glasses-summer-outfit-fashion-style-ootd-4 khaki-safari-dress-clog-heels-cat-eye-glasses-summer-outfit-fashion-style-ootd-5

Outfit Details: khaki dress, thrifted $6.99; clogs, thrifted $2.50; watch, Target $15; glasses, Bonlook; flowers, from my sweet Daniel!

Stripes & Florals & Pups!

Daniel and I have been puppy sitting this 3 pound little nugget and we have sort of fallen in love! She is such a doll! Her name is Ellie and she is my cousin’s Yorkie!
She has been my constant sidekick and even accompanied me to a few estate sales where I found this vintage floral skirt and silver cuff bracelet!

Have you tried the stripes and floral combo yet? Ellie agrees that it’s a fun and easy way to pattern mix! :)


Look at that lil face! <3 <3


Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July and are enjoying your Friday!

floral-vintage-skirt-black-and-white-fitted-t-shirt-cat-eye-glasses-heels-yorkshire-terrior-ootd-outfit-4 floral-vintage-skirt-black-and-white-fitted-t-shirt-cat-eye-glasses-heels-yorkshire-terrior-ootd-outfit-5

Outfit Details: black and white striped t-shirt, Ross $6.99; floral skirt, estate sale $.50; heels, TJMaxx (last season) $9; silver cuff, estate sale $6; glasses, Bonlook

Vintage Floral

This lovely vintage floral dress is for sale on my Etsy shop! I’ve posted lots of new vintage items! Check it out, here!


Hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July! I’ll be posting what I wore for the 4th next week!

vintage-floral-dress-summer-outfit-hipster-t-strap-wedges-cat-eye-glasses-hat-2 vintage-floral-dress-summer-outfit-hipster-t-strap-wedges-cat-eye-glasses-hat-3

Denim Dress

Over the last few months I’ve been on the thrifting hunt for a simple denim dress, and at last I found one! It’s more of a soft chambray denim, but the detail won me over…and all for under $6!


I wore this outfit for a night out with some of my best girlies, it was a blast!


I found this amazing vintage pendant locket necklace at an estate sale the other day. Don’t estate sales have the coolest treasures?!


And here is a shot of my very messy updo. Haha. I’m trying to master the art of a messy updo, especially in this heat! Still working on it! ;) And this minty hair pin was actually an upcycle of an item I walked away with from that clothing swap a few months back. It was very blingy-diamond-looking, but with a quick coat of nail polish, voila!


And these thrifted sandals are getting SO much wear this summer b/c they are so simple, easy, and versatile! They can be worn tied up, gladiator style (like this!) or just tied down around the ankle for a more subtle look.


Happy July, ya’ll!


Outift Details: chambray dress, thrifted $5.50; vintage pendant necklace, estate sale $4; gladiator sandals, thrifted $1.50; glasses, Bonlook