Color & Curls

Just when I was celebrating the warmth of spring, we got hit with an ice storm. AN ICE STORM…IN APRIL! So the layers and boots came back into play but I had to keep some bright colors mixed in!

chartreuse-floral-dress-burnt-orange-cardigan-cobalt-blue-tights-black-booties-1 chartreuse-floral-dress-burnt-orange-cardigan-cobalt-blue-tights-black-booties-2

This hair style was inspired by one of my favorite bloggers who just chopped of her hair to a similar length to mine. She is way better at styling than me, so I’ve been snagging her looks! (Check her out, here!)

chartreuse-floral-dress-burnt-orange-cardigan-cobalt-blue-tights-black-booties-3 chartreuse-floral-dress-burnt-orange-cardigan-cobalt-blue-tights-black-booties-4 chartreuse-floral-dress-burnt-orange-cardigan-cobalt-blue-tights-black-booties-5 chartreuse-floral-dress-burnt-orange-cardigan-cobalt-blue-tights-black-booties-6

Outfit details: chartreuse floral dress, thrifted 4; orange cardigan, Target $8; cobalt blue leggings, Target $4; black studded booties, thrifted, $4.99


So while taking pictures the other day the wind kept catching my skirt! Looking at the pics I decided I look like a blooming flower! I think if I was a Spring item…I’d like to be a blooming flower. :)


Again with the dark colors. Don’t ask me why. Lol.

IMG_4148 IMG_4149 IMG_4150

Outfit Details: embellished t-shirt, Ann Taylor (thrifted) $2.99; oatmeal cardigan, Banana Republic (gift); black pleated skirt, Liz Claiborne (thrifted) $.99; sparkle tights, Gap $4; brown flat ankle booties, Forever 21 $15


Does anybody else have a problem with going to Target and leaving with WAY more than you anticipated? They always have the most darling clothing and accessories and usually some pretty great sales, so how can you stop at just ONE section of the store? I found these pink polka dotted skinny jeans in the girl’s section (yes…the LITTLE girl’s section) for $8! Do you ever visit other sections of clothing stores? I usually swing by the girl’s and boy’s sections to browse their sale racks in hopes of finding a treasure…like these pants!

pink-polka-dot-skinny-jeans-brown-boots-black-knit-leg-warmers-grey-v-neck-loose-curls-1 pink-polka-dot-skinny-jeans-brown-boots-black-knit-leg-warmers-grey-v-neck-loose-curls-2

As our snow continues to melt, I’m branching out (finally) from my snow boots to regular boots, and hopefully back to my flats and heels soon! I’ve been using my Hunter fleece/knit inserts inside my regular brown boots for added warmth! If you have a pair of Hunter rain boots, I highly suggest getting a pair of the inserts!

pink-polka-dot-skinny-jeans-brown-boots-black-knit-leg-warmers-grey-v-neck-loose-curls-3 pink-polka-dot-skinny-jeans-brown-boots-black-knit-leg-warmers-grey-v-neck-loose-curls-4

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!


Outfit Breakdown: black cardigan, Old Navy (old); grey v-neck, skinny jeans, necklace, Target; boots, Ross; leg warmer inserts, Hunter

Hey Teach

Doesn’t this look like what a teacher would wear? Last week a flight attendant  this week a teacher? Maybe in my fashion subconscious I’m wanting to explore new fields of work!

Outfit Breakdown: Dress, thrifted $1.99, cardigan, Target $9.99, white tights, old, cognac shoes, Forever 21 $19.99, earrings, old, belt, thrifted $.99

Neutrals + A Bright

Do you ever get in a neutrals rut where all you wear are neutral blacks and browns? An easy way to utilize those neutral pieces but change things up is to add a bright element! I like to use a bright cardigan, a fun pair of shoes, or some bright bracelets. Another great way is by wearing colored leggings (as seen here, here, and here).

Found these adorable boots at the Goodwill last week for $4.99! I’ve been on the hunt for short black booties and these are just what I had in mind!

I’m excited to share that I’ve recently joined a Bible study called BSF (Bible Study Fellowship)! Many wise women in my life have been a part of this organization and I’m finally diving in! They are a non-denominational group that focuses solely on studying God’s word. There is no discussion about politics, personal beliefs, or denominational preferences. It’s just about what God has to say in the Bible. I’m so pumped to grow in this area of my life to become closer to my Savior and to grow my knowledge of Him as I grow in my role as a wife and hopefully a mother some day! I want to teach my kids about the sweet love of God and His faithfulness as seen in His word! If you want to find where your local group meets, visit their website, here.

Outfit Breakdown: Cardigan, Target $12, Silk Dress, thrifted $1.99, Black Leggings, H&M $15, Black Stud Boots, thrifted $4.99