Happy Monday!


Star Outfit Breakdown: Grey sweater, Anne Taylor Loft (thifted) $2.99; houndstooth shirt (thrifted), 3.99; pink trousers, NBC $8; shoes, old; bubble necklace, Etsy

Daniel Outfit Breakdown: Leather blazer (thrifted) $10; plaid button up, Target $12; black jeans, Levis $45, shoes, Steve Madden $30


Aaaaand, this is what my hair looks like washed! A stark contrast to my last post. Haha.

This was my Thanksgiving Day outfit which I wore to have a fabulous lunch with my mom’s side of the family, then to dinner with my husband’s family. An all around wonderful day with good food and great company. Daniel and I spent some time in prayer this morning just thanking the Lord for all of the great blessings in our lives!

Outfit Breakdown: Dress, Target $15, Faux Leather Blazer, Target $20, Pumpkin colored tights, Target $4, Boots, $20, Bubble Necklace (yes, worn 2 days in a row), Etsy $15


Today was practically Friday and all day I’ve been saying, “Hoorah! It’s Friday-Wednesday!!”.  Since I was in true Friday spirits I did the only sensible thing and did not wash my hair (or iron my shirt, apparently). Ahh, the lovely option of the messy bun! I’m so happy my hair is finally starting to be long enough to stay somewhat in a bun!

I hope everyone is officially off work and ready to eat, rest, and spend time with loved ones! Blessings to each of you and Happy Thanksgiving!!

Outfit Details: Chevron Shirt, Target $13 (sale rack, baby!), Jeans, Limited $30 (sale rack again, baby!), Necklace, Etsy $16, Earrings, Francescas $9, Shoes, Resale shop in Wichita $8

A Little Military

So I was pretty excited last week when I thrifted this Banana Republic 100% silk top for $2.99. I’m pretty sure it had never been worn before. This shirt is maybe the most comfortable thing I now own. It’s this amazing soft silk that is light weight and fabulous. It is also ideal b/c I’ve been wanting to get more wear out of my faux leather pants, but I feel a bit self conscious in them if my shirt doesn’t cover up my bum. Does anyone else feel that way? I’m all for faux leather, but it’s really not that forgiving on curves.

Another reason I’m loving this top is because I feel it sort of fits into the military trend that’s popular right now. Gotta love that military green color!

Disclaimer: Just to dispell any potential rumors (mainly for my family and friends who follow this little blog), that is NOT a baby bump in picture 2…just an unflattering picture.

Bubble Necklace

So I’ve been loving the bubble necklace trend going around, but as a small person I’ve doubted whether I could pull off so many beads hanging from my neck. While perusing Etsy several weeks ago, I found a shop that sells these bubble necklaces with fewer beads…and for only $16! After looking at each color, I landed on the creamy white option because I thought it would be the most versatile. I’m VERY happy with the size and color of this necklace and can’t wait to pair it with outfits to come!

Yesterday consisted of a trip to the court-house so I paired the necklace with a silk leopard print tank, plaid pencil skirt, and my deep teal cardigan. I’m trying to give pattern mixing a shot, and I really liked how this outfit came together.

In addition, 2 other exciting things from yesterday…

My husband (who is one of those ‘jack-of-all-trades’) is recording our friend’s next album. His name is Aaron Lee Martin and you should check him out here:!/pages/Aaron-Lee-Martin/7418274774

WE GOT A REAL CAMERA! With money from my bow tie sales, Daniel and I were able to buy this Canon Rebel t4i. We are excited to give ‘real’ photography a whirl and hopefully post some higher quality photos from here on out!