On Saturday my Grandparents gave us last-minute tickets to the Wichita Symphony Orchestra and we couldn’t pass up the offer! What a fun chance to support local music, have a date night out of our norm, and get all gussied up all at once! I wore my recently purchased Target dress (found on the sale rack for $12! Someone had ordered it online but returned it to the store so it was mega on sale!) and the mink stole my Grandma gave me as a wedding gift last year. My Grandpa gave this very stole to my Grandma for her 30th birthday. It feels so special wearing a heritage piece!


I also chose to wear a few pieces of my wedding jewelry, like these fountain pearl earrings and pearl bracelet.








And of course, my man wore a bow tie (made by me and available for purchase in my Etsy shop, here). Gosh, he’s handsome! I love the grey hair in his beard and hair, signs of wisdom! :)






Outfit Breakdown

Her: Navy silk and lace dress, Target $12; mink stole, gift from Grandma!; sparkle tights, Gap $4; grey heels, Payless $6; pearl earrings and bracelet, local shop; Tiffany blue clutch, NBC $2

Him: Grey tweed sportscoat, thrifted $9; white button up, TJMaxx $15; black dress pants, H&M $19; shoes, Ebay; bow tie, made by his loving wife and for sale here


14 Responses to “Symphony”

  1. Aww, the two of you look so adorable! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that mink stole, and how fabulous that it’s a family heirloom…what a special piece!

    xo Jenny

  2. chloepolo says:

    You both look lovely!
    you look so elegant in your outfit <3
    UK High Street Fashion

  3. Erica says:

    I LOVE your hair here :) It’s really pretty. And those tights are fab!!!


  4. htitus says:

    Wow–That fur amazing! What a fun evening for you two!

    Colour Me Classic

  5. What a special stole! I love things that have meaning! You look gorgeous!

  6. Amanda says:

    love your classic look. The fur is amazing.

    Affordable, stylish, statement jewelry.


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