Summer Scarf

Remember when I mentioned that clothing swap? Well this scarf was one of the treasures I came away with! I know scarves aren’t typically worn in the summer, but I just couldn’t wait until the fall to give this green beauty a go! I decided to style this scarf for summer by pairing it with a breezy top, lightweight skirt, and sandals!

cobalt-blue-pencil-green-scarf-spring-gladiator-sandals-topknot-cat-eye-glasses-ootd-1 cobalt-blue-pencil-green-scarf-spring-gladiator-sandals-topknot-cat-eye-glasses-ootd-2 cobalt-blue-pencil-green-scarf-spring-gladiator-sandals-topknot-cat-eye-glasses-ootd-3 cobalt-blue-pencil-green-scarf-spring-gladiator-sandals-topknot-cat-eye-glasses-ootd-4 cobalt-blue-pencil-green-scarf-spring-gladiator-sandals-topknot-cat-eye-glasses-ootd-5

Outfit Details: green scarf, from clothing swap!; floral tank top, Franscesca’s $5 (sale); cobalt pencil skirt, thrifted $2; sandals, Kohls $20; jade bracelet, gift; wood & gold bangle, Forever 21 $4; gold chain bracelet, local antique shop $3

18 Responses to “Summer Scarf”

  1. Maria says:

    This is stinking cute girl!

  2. Stephanie says:

    such a cute outfit, i love the colour of the skirt! and your hair is soo cute in a top knot!


  3. Meredith says:

    Your hair looks so good pulled back like that! Also, I love your skirt. Gorgeous color!

  4. Maddie says:

    i just came across your blog and i. love. it. it’s seriously so cute! and you are gorgeous!
    xo, Maddie

  5. My gosh, I love everything about this look! I love the print of the top, the color of the skirt, and that scarf…Just beautiful!

    And you with those glasses on….too cute!



  6. Lauren says:

    Star, this outfit really brings out your lovely blue eyes! You are beautiful girl.

  7. lyddiegall says:

    Love the color of the scarf, it pairs so well with your skirt. Clothing swaps sound like such fun!

  8. Rita says:

    Honey child!!!! LOL! Loving the glasses, the way you wrapped your scarf, and that amazing pencil skirt! Fits you so beautifully!

  9. ezra antebi says:

    You have CHEAP style

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