Last weekend I had the joy of visiting my brother, sister-in-law, and my niece and nephew in Lincoln, NE. As you can see above, the weekend was a mixture of tantrums, feedings, burpings, and lots and lots of laughing. I titled this picture on my Instagram (starleewhite) “A for Angry Anabelle”. :)

Spending time with these precious kids gets me thinking about how badly I want and hope to be a mother one day. I think it is one of the most beautiful gifts God gives to his children…the chance to bear more children. Daniel and I aren’t quite ready for this season and are in fact really enjoying life with just us 2 (and Pumpkin of course). But, I often daydream about my future kids, I pray for them, I pray for their spouses, I pray they will know the Lord, and I pray that I can be the best possible momma for them. I wonder what they will look like and what interest they will have. I want to help them explore this crazy world and all the beauty it has to offer. I can’t wait to look in my children’s eyes, see them play in the dirt, hear them form their 1st words, and help them take their 1st steps.

A part of my future dream for my kids is to stay at home with them. Originally my dream was to have a career and continue my schooling…but I think my job has changed me. I know I can’t help every abused and neglected child in the world but maybe, just maybe, I could contribute a few loved ones some day? Maybe I can, with the help and guidance of my Savior, offer my kids a childhood with all the best elements I can muster. I want to KNOW my kids, what makes them tick, where they struggle, and how to meet their needs. I am so excited for this future season of life and patiently wait until the time I can fulfill this part of my womanhood. I know I won’t be a perfect mother by any means, but I get to be an instrument in God’s hands, helping to carve out a path for these precious lives. What an honor!

In the mean time I will continue working in the ‘real world’ and hopefully better my craft of sewing so I can contribute financially to our family. Each season is beautiful and offers unique blessings. The season I’m in is no different and I’m sure the ‘kid’ season will be the same!


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  1. Annabelle is so stinking adorable!! I’m sure you all had a blast visiting with them!

    I’m really bad about wishing away the current season because I’m so ready for the next. I’m glad to see you are taking time to enjoy where you and Daniel are in your lives currently. Baby time will come when it’s right and it will be wonderful!

    xo, Jordan

    • star says:

      Isn’t she!? I love that girl! Usually she is smiling, but I couldn’t help capture this hilarious face!

      I’m trying to work on that too, just being content where I’m at! Each season has something lovely to offer!

      Blessings, dear!

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