Ponies & Puppies

My daily routine consists of taking this little one on a walk. Josie (my 1 year old rescue mut) is spunky and curious and happy to be alive! As funny as it sounds she really inspires me! She is always glad to greet me and even when I have to discipline her, she immediately comes to me, gives me a lick, and longs to reconcile her action. I love her pure little puppy heart!


And lately I’ve also been loving pony tails! This is a hair style I haven’t tried since I was quite young, but I’m enjoying how quick and easy it is to pull my hair away from my face on a hot day. Have you rocked a pony lately?


Baby girl is now 22 weeks along, over half way there! She is hiding under this lace peplum top! Lately I’ve been feeling her move a LOT. It’s a bit like someone is blowing bubbles in the pit of my tummy, but I love it! Just knowing she’s in there swimming around is so cool!


For now Josie is happy being my only ‘baby girl’ to cuddle with. Little does she know how soon her little puppy world will be rocked! ;D


Outfit Details: top, TJMaxx; skirt, Ross; sandals, Target; sunnies, Kohls

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  1. Chelsea says:

    Gahh! Too cute! Have you thought about names yet? Or are you not telling?

    • star says:

      Thanks, Chelsea! We have a name that I love but we aren’t settled on just one yet! As soon as we decide I will do a post about it! :D Stay tuned! Blessings!

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