Polka Dot Party!

Sometimes when you turn 24 you have a birthday party fit for a 3 year old…polka dot themed.

You throw confetti all over the floor and play twister and dance with all your friends.

polka-dot-birthday-party-fashion-dress-theme-1 polka-dot-birthday-party-fashion-dress-theme-2 polka-dot-birthday-party-fashion-dress-theme-3 polka-dot-birthday-party-fashion-dress-theme-4 polka-dot-birthday-party-fashion-dress-theme-5 polka-dot-birthday-party-fashion-dress-theme-6 polka-dot-birthday-party-fashion-dress-theme-7 polka-dot-birthday-party-fashion-dress-theme-8 polka-dot-birthday-party-fashion-dress-theme-9 polka-dot-birthday-party-fashion-dress-theme-10 polka-dot-birthday-party-fashion-dress-theme-11 polka-dot-birthday-party-fashion-dress-theme-12 polka-dot-birthday-party-fashion-dress-theme-13 polka-dot-birthday-party-fashion-dress-theme-14 polka-dot-birthday-party-fashion-dress-theme-15 polka-dot-birthday-party-fashion-dress-theme-16

Growing up doesn’t have to suck. :)


10 Responses to “Polka Dot Party!”

  1. Alyssa says:

    This is the most adorable idea! What an awesome way to celebrate!

  2. Happy birthday — what a cute idea. You look adorable (no surprise there). This looks like so much fun!
    Fifth Freedom Fashion

  3. Lauren says:

    Happy Birthday! Looks like such a fun birthday party! I’d totally do a polka dot themed one :P xo

  4. Rita says:

    What a fun party! Happy 24th birthday girl:)! Next one you’ll turn a quarter of a century YOUNG! You look adorable with your polka dots! Love the theme too:)!

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