Lighting & Patience

2 things…

1. Lighting matters when picking out outfits. Getting ready in the dark so as to try not to wake up your slumbering husband leads to outfits that you thought coordinated in the dark, but in actuality don’t…like this. Oh well, I still like how this look turned out despite the fact that the blue and grey clash and the pink pattern in the skirt is a totally different shade than the pink in the blouse. Haha. Has this ever happend to you?

2. Does anyone have any good recommendations for growing hair out faster?! My patience is running thin with my blonde locks! This awkward ‘hit shoulder and flip every which way’ is driving me nuts!!

Outfit Breakdown: Blouse, Target $9, pencil skirt, thrifted $1.99, shoes, thrifted $2.99, vintage belt, $3.99

Encouraged by this passage today! ‘He {God} does not treat us as our sins deserve or repay us according to our iniquities. For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is His love for those who fear Him.” (Psalm 103:10-11)

24 Responses to “Lighting & Patience”

  1. Amy says:

    I love this blouse. You look so cute! How often do you get a trim? My hair guy says every 6 weeks if you are growing it out. I’m about 24 weeks overdue for mine!


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  2. carisa says:

    ha i love it! i don’t get ready in the dark, i refuse lol the hubs has to suffer! althought i totally know what your talking about with matching….it sorta works, at least you wore it with confidence!! love that verse, thanks for sharing!

  3. merpear724 says:

    Your blouse is gorgeous!! And I’ve been taking Biotin to make my hair grow faster. I’ve read good things and I feel like it’s working. :)

  4. Love the pink chevron! I can’t believe you bought it for $9 and the rest of the outfit you thrifted. The skirt looks similar to a jcrew skirt that cost more than $100. Great outfit!

  5. Great outfit! My friend take biotin for hair growth and she says it works great. I hate that awkward length when growing out hair. You can never seem to get through it fast enough. Good news…your hair still looks great, even if it’s bugging you :)

  6. I love that pink and blue top! You look fab lady!!!

    Please check out my blog, I would love to hear what you think of my latest post!


  7. crazystylelove says:

    Ha ha ha, I have this one blouse that looks like pink in my closet but it’s purple in natural light. I forget that every time I wear it, but whenever I get to work, I don’t really match! Well, you certainly look fabulous in these photos. I love the colour combo! And, if you get any good tips for magically speeding up the hair growth process, I need to get in on that! :)

    xo Jenny

    • star says:

      Whew! Well at least I’m not the only one it happens too! Thanks for helping me feel sane, Jenny! :)

      I will share if I get any good tips/tricks!

  8. That blouse is so gorgeous!


  9. Lubna says:

    The different mix of prints proves wonderful! x


  10. Mathilde says:

    I love this outfit, it’s amazing, the colours are really great x

  11. This is so adorable!!!

  12. Tiana says:

    Y’all just look all sorts of dapper! I love the way you styled the bows :) And if I could get my sweet boy to wear a bowtie, we’d be in pretty good shape, let me tell ya! haha

    I’ve also been meaning to ask you, where did you get your GORGEOUS floral headcrown in your picture on Google+? I’ve been looking for one forever!

    tiana of l’esthetique

    • star says:

      Hey girl! Thanks so much! You def need to get your man on board! At least for special events! :) Tell him I’ll make him one!

      I actually made that floral crown from fake flowers from Walmart (of all places!)! There is wire in the stem so you can bend and twist the flowers together until a crown forms! It wasn’t too hard really!

  13. jenny says:

    i think that even though this outfit doesn’t match spot-on, it still looks great!

    the only recommendation I have for growing hair out is eating kelp of all things..


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