Latest Vintage Treasures!

My Etsy shop is now updated with LOTS of awesome vintage pieces! See pictures below and check out my Etsy shop, here!

Emerald green coat with fur collar! Isn’t it so gorgeous?!

Black Floppy Wool Hat

Black Leather Jacket

Gorgeous blue Dooney & Bourke cross body purse!

Pheasant Silk Scarf

Pink T-Shirt and Blue Wool Skirt

Creme Scarf

Leather Fringe Jacket

Adorable Floral Dress

Tartan Plaid Scarf from Scotland

Cute Cognac Brown Purse

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  1. Eunice says:

    OH my goodness – all of these items are AMAZING!!! I will check out your etsy shop :) Gorgeous photos and love everything!

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