So, what do you do when you’ve run out of daylight, you are in a new town, you haven’t taken outfit pics yet, and you have WAY too much energy? You jump on the hotel bed and make your husband take pictures! ;)

I realize these pictures make details hard to see. The skirt is thrifted (originally Limited which is quickly becoming a fav store of mine), sweater from Name Brand Clothing, mustard tights from Target, and shoes thrifted (I’m kicking them off in the first round of pics. Hehe).

I added the heart shaped elbow patches to this sweater the other day following this tutorial I found on Pinterest. All supplies can be found at Hobby Lobby, or as my friends and I say HobLob. If you’d like to start following my pin boards, you can here!

8 Responses to “Jump!”

  1. crazystylelove says:

    Ha ha ha ha, just WAY too cute!

    xo Jenny

  2. Star!

    This post makes me so giddy! It’s a happy post, I love it! Such a cute idea. You look great!

    :-) XO Jenna

  3. Jumping on beds is so fun! I wish my ceiling was higher so I could jump without hitting my head. lol! Thanks for following my blog! I’m now following you on Bloglovin’ :)


  4. Jenny says:

    looks like fun!
    love the heart shaped elbow patched! def gonna give it a go :)


  5. Stephanie S says:

    just stumbled across your blog and i love your style! this outfit is so cute and i love that the photos are so fun and creative! outfit photos can become so routine sometimes

    i’ll start following you on bloglovin!:)


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