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From Top Left:

1. HUNTER BOOTS! Daniel’s Christmas gift to me that’s been coming in handy with our cold and frosty weather!

2. While in Chicago we had to eat at Giordano’s. Have you been there? Best pizza of my life!

3. Amazing vintage-looking telephone at Grandma Sawyers. Don’t grandma houses have the BEST little treasures?

4. Went on the Anheiser Busch Brewery tour while in St. Louis. It was really interesting and the Clydesdales were gorgeous!

5. Some days it’s Ramen for lunch. When you’ve been gone for 10 days and have to go right back to work…there’s just nada in the fridge!

6. Found some green skinnies at The Limited during my holiday travels and just had to pair them with my leop-loafs!

1. My sweet sister-in-law scored these awesome purple combat boots. They were too small for her so I bought them off of her. They are AMAZING!

2. Even though it’s the heart of Winter, Spring bow ties will be up on my Etsy soon!

3. Possibly my fav stocking stuffer of 2012.

4. Vintage goodness!! Emerald green coat with fur collar, Brooks Brother silk tie, and Dooney & Bourke purse! Check my Etsy shop this week and see these items for sale!! :D

5. Y’all! My 1st ever hand-made baby dress! (FOR MY NIECE) Thanks to my cousin Tara for the adorable elephant fabric! And, of course…had to add a bow!

6. Having trouble shedding holiday weight b/c of Taco Shop. It is my weakness!

18 Responses to “Insta Life Lately”

  1. Hi Star!!

    The pattern on that little dress is darling. I LOVE your purple boots and polka dots. So unexpected!!

    XO Jenna

  2. Hello, Star!
    It’s Allison from You’re site’s adorable!

    I’ll be sure and follow your Instagram and check out your etsy, since our styles are so complimentary! Keep up the lovely styling! =)

    Allison E. M.

  3. Stylelista says:

    ahh that sweater is to die for! Love your blog!
    xoxo stylelista

  4. I really love your tribal print sweater! I own a similar one!

    Honestly, there’s nothing fashionable about winter in Romania, so most of the time I’m all bundled up in tons of layers and dreaming of summer! :)



  5. Jenny says:

    love the vintage telephone! what a great find!


  6. I love the tribal sweater (probably because Im obsessed with sweaters that double as blankets as well!)
    xo Dina
    Sweetest Somethings

    I would never take that sweater off – how commmmmfy!


  8. iesha says:

    hi Star! i found your blog via LC!
    really cute cardigan. would you like to follow each other? :)


  9. I am loving all of these! The tribal sweater is so cute, i’ve been trying to find one for forever! I found your blog off Lauren Conrad’s forum. I am excited to follow you! check out my blog as well at

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