Insta Life Lately

From Top Left:

1. My adorable grandmother-in-law Ellie’s amazing vintage chairs in the most amazing vintage colors!

2. My 1st ‘coffee cupping’ hosted by my sweet cousin, Tara, and her husband Daniel. They have their own in-home coffee roasting business called Share the Roast.

3. A crazy outfit and hair day, here.

4. A DIY I did last week that was way too easy. I stole was given these 4 cheesy coordinating flower pictures that someone left at work. With the use of my husband’s staple gun, some leftover burlap from my wedding, and a self-made stencil…this happened. I love how it turned out and I think they will live above our bed on the wall.

5. My brother-in-law’s amazing old Polaroid camera he let me borrow for a party. Sadly it was really hard to use and the pics didn’t turn out. Sigh…oh well.

6. A picture I took of my mom taking my niece Anabelle on her 1st carousel ride. She LOVED it. Also, isn’t she a gorgeous child?

7. A DIY Christmas gift for my unborn niece or nephew (we find out after the new year!). My brother’s twin and his wife are preggo! I used this tutorial, here.

8. A pomegranate. Such a gorgeous fruit in color and shape.

9. My little stinker of a cat who eats my tree then regurgitates it for me to find when I get home. Lil booger.


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  1. xo Michelle says:

    Just found your blog from Bows & Sequins! Love the instalife lately post! Your kitty is adorable!

    xo Michelle

    Fierce & Fashionable

  2. Jenny says:

    cute insta-snaps!
    i’ll follow you on instagram, follow me back?


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