Halloween Recap

For Halloween Daniel and I worked all day at our jobs, came home, put on our costumes (Daniel is from Mad Men and I’m a pirate), rode our bikes around our neighborhood (holy moly it was nice out yesterday!), then handed out candy at our house. It was quite random, but a good day all in all. There was some cuties that came to our door, like a little girl dressed as a ¬†purple unicorn! We also (shhhhhhhh) gave out the left over candy from our wedding that has been lying around since (cough cough) March. Is that totally gross? Maybe…but I think it was safe. :)

2 Responses to “Halloween Recap”

  1. He’s looking awfully fancy in his tux!! I work in a formalwear store so I’m always appreciative of some tux wearing! You made a fabulous pirate!! xo


  2. Kathy White says:

    LOVE your Halloween costumes! You both looked fab! Is that my son?

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