Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and has big plans for tonight! I took a small hiatus from blogging over the holidays to focus on family and other important things! I had a wonderful Christmas with my sister in town, lots of time with those I love, and I was TOTALLY spoiled with gifts.
Now I want to focus on this new year and set some goals/challenges for myself…


1. Join a yoga class once a week and runĀ 3 times a week.
2. Start taking piano lessons and look for opportunities to sing more!
3. Spend more consistent time with my Savior and also memorize scripture.
4. Work on simplifying my wardrobe and my house…getting rid of the clutter and finding a more refined/focused style.
5. Cook once a week for my husband and me (he does the cooking! Lucky me!)
Each one of these goals will simultaneously stretch me and help me focus on what’s positive and healthy. I long to move forward in my skills, thinking, beliefs, and passions each year! Hope 2014 brings all of those things!


What are your new year’s goals? I’d love to know!


Pre-Christmas outfit details: sweater, Deb (yikes!) $15; v-neck t, Ross $5; scarf, gift; denim, R&R Kohls $17; purple combat boots, thrifted (from my sis-in-law!)

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  1. Kate says:

    These are all great goals! Good luck with them all. =]

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