Four Dollar Floral

Remember that $4 dress I referenced in this post? Well, this is it! I’m tellin ya, if you haven’t been to JCPenny’s in a while…GO. They have wicked sales!

floral-mod-dress-ankle-boots-wide-belt-1 floral-mod-dress-ankle-boots-wide-belt-2

Daniel and I will be heading out to California tomorrow evening! I’m SO excited to spend some time on the west coast, where I’ve never been! Any suggestions on places to visit while in Santa Barbara or LA?

floral-mod-dress-ankle-boots-wide-belt-3 floral-mod-dress-ankle-boots-wide-belt-4

Outfit Details: floral dress, JCPenny $4; deep purple tights, TJMaxx $5; suede ankle boots, thrifted $3.50

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  1. Lauren says:

    Star, you always get the best stuff at such great prices, and this floral dress is no exception! Lovely!!! xo

  2. I have been having great luck with JCP myself lately. They really do have amazing sales! And this dress is just fabulous. The styling is perfect too.

    Have a great trip!


  3. Lyddiegal says:

    what a cute print and such a bargain! have fun in Cali!!

  4. I’d say four dollar floral is the best kind of floral! Love the colors, have a wonderful time in cali!

    xo Hannah

  5. You are absolutely adorable!! That’s such a wonderful deal on such a fabulous dress!!

    Have the best time in Cali! I’ve been to LA but it was a million years ago and I don’t remember much! ha! I can’t wait to hear all about it!

    xo, Jordan

  6. Rita says:

    That $4 floral dress is a definite winner! You’re visiting CA for the 1st time?! You’re going to love it:)! And we have great weather this weekend! I wish I had pointers on where to visit, but I don’t…so sad and I’ve lived here 25 years!

  7. Sandra says:

    You look lovely :)

    Enjoy you’re weekend! **

    xx, Sandra @

  8. JC Penny has had great pieces lately, I’m impressed. This dress looks lovely on you, always looking forward to your posts :)

  9. How in the world do you manage to get your hands on these amazing items you buy at these ridiculous prices!!! I adore the print and the colors look great on you!

    Lovely as always!



  10. Marlen says:

    Aw that’s great that you guys did that. and your blue dress is SO pretty-i love the ruffles. And i love even more how you paired it with red shoes, it’s so fun! :)

    xo Marlen
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    • star says:

      Hey Marlen! Love that name! Thanks for stopping by and for the comment! Daniel and I both had fun dressing up for Child Abuse Prevention day!

  11. beautiful dress and color on u!

    XO Meghan

  12. Elizabeth E says:

    I just adore those red flats and your entire blog is just precious!



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