2 things:

1. Harem pants were EVERYWHERE in Europe.

2. I’m probably the last person on earth to have seen the ‘What does the fox say?’ video.

This week I FINALLY remedied  both of these issues. I found a $4 pair of Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen harem pants from JCPenny’s AND I have officially watched the fox vidoe at least 5 times. #winning

harem-pants-floral-baggy-skinny-trousers-red-wedge-sandals-high-low-top-top-knot-matte-red-lips-ootd-beauty-and-bows-blog-fashion-style-fall-2013-1 harem-pants-floral-baggy-skinny-trousers-red-wedge-sandals-high-low-top-top-knot-matte-red-lips-ootd-beauty-and-bows-blog-fashion-style-fall-2013-2 harem-pants-floral-baggy-skinny-trousers-red-wedge-sandals-high-low-top-top-knot-matte-red-lips-ootd-beauty-and-bows-blog-fashion-style-fall-2013-3 harem-pants-floral-baggy-skinny-trousers-red-wedge-sandals-high-low-top-top-knot-matte-red-lips-ootd-beauty-and-bows-blog-fashion-style-fall-2013-4 harem-pants-floral-baggy-skinny-trousers-red-wedge-sandals-high-low-top-top-knot-matte-red-lips-ootd-beauty-and-bows-blog-fashion-style-fall-2013-5

I wish I could have been a back up dancer in the fox video. I mean, I think I could have been a pretty good addition…


Outfit Details: high-low top, thrifted $5; harem pants, JCPenny’s $4; wedge sandals, Target (old); matte red lipstick, Elf

6 Responses to “Finally”

  1. iesha says:

    i need those wedges.

    p.s.- i haven’t nor care to see the fox video.


  2. Those pants are awesome and the little peplum ruffle on your shirt makes it all so cute and flirty!! Guess I will have to check out this fox video now, I am so behind on the times ;)
    xo hannah

  3. Mamalina says:

    Ha ha, the song is epic, I’m actually thinking to make it my wedding dance song :)). My future husband is a terrible dancer (poor fellow) and this way we can make people think it was our intention to dance funny and weird :)).

    You look beyond adorable, I love the pants!


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