Emerald Peplum

There are very few occasions where I will buy something full price…this top was one of them. Pantone’s color of the year, lace, AND peplum…way to go Target for this triple-wammy of awesomeness!

emerald-lace-peplum-white-jacket-skinny-jeans-cognac-clogs-heels-1 emerald-lace-peplum-white-jacket-skinny-jeans-cognac-clogs-heels-2


Several weeks ago I thrifted these heels. I was intrigued by the clog-esque style and the little studs on the side. They are a bit unique but surprisingly really comfortable and supportive!

emerald-lace-peplum-white-jacket-skinny-jeans-cognac-clogs-heels-4 emerald-lace-peplum-white-jacket-skinny-jeans-cognac-clogs-heels-5

Happy Wednesday, y’all! And happy May! My friend Maria and I are challenging ourselves to no shopping for the entire month of May! Here we GO!


Outfit Details: white jacket, thrifted $2.99; emerald peplum top, Target $19.99; skinny jeans, H&M $9.99; clog heels, thrifted $1.99

21 Responses to “Emerald Peplum”

  1. I love your top and shoes, they are gorgeous.


  2. ckozovski says:

    Your peplum is such a great colour! Looks great on you. I can’t believe you bought that jacket for $2.99!!


  3. Adrielle says:

    That blouse is so cute and it’s emerald which makes it even more adorable!

  4. Lauren says:

    Star, you look absolutely beautiful! That emerald is stunning on you. Lovely look girl xo

  5. Meredith says:

    That top has everything you could want for Spring! Definitely a good purchase. Also, I’m digging those shoes. Great find!

  6. Mia Malene says:

    I love the top – it’s so cute! Wish we had Target in Denmark.

  7. Jasmin says:

    super cute outfit. love that top.

  8. Breanna says:

    I want this tommy target doesn’t sell it anywhere else I could look I’ve looked everywhere no luck

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