Another head to toe thrifed look which includes this crazy vintage skirt with an awesome print! I decided to keep the drapey look going by pairing it with this thrifted Zara top.  sheer-white-drapey-zara-blouse-pink-gold-chaine-hip-bow-tie-pencil-skirt-vintage-simple-leather-wedge-heels-cat-eye-glasses-top-knot-1 sheer-white-drapey-zara-blouse-pink-gold-chaine-hip-bow-tie-pencil-skirt-vintage-simple-leather-wedge-heels-cat-eye-glasses-top-knot-2 sheer-white-drapey-zara-blouse-pink-gold-chaine-hip-bow-tie-pencil-skirt-vintage-simple-leather-wedge-heels-cat-eye-glasses-top-knot-3 sheer-white-drapey-zara-blouse-pink-gold-chaine-hip-bow-tie-pencil-skirt-vintage-simple-leather-wedge-heels-cat-eye-glasses-top-knot-4

Happy Monday! Hope you all have a wonderful week!


Outfit Details: vintage pink pencil skirt, thrifted $2.99; sheer Zara blouse, thrifted $.95; wedges, thrifted $3.99; glasses, Bonlook

10 Responses to “Draped”

  1. I love that you went for the tight top knot to balance out all the draping! You look amazing as always!!

    xo, Jordan

  2. Meredith says:

    These are some great thrifted pieces! I love your drapey skirt…esp the bow on the side.

  3. heatherjoie says:

    this outfit really suits you!~ Such great finds!

  4. hannahgg95 says:

    This romper is gorgeous on you, and I just love your little red sunnies! That jumping pic is super cute!

    Xo, Hannah


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