Dotted & Checked

Sometimes I come up with weird outfits…like this one. It’s fun to take 2 pieces in your wardrobe you wouldn’t usually pair and try them together. It takes a bit of trial and error, but the result can be fun! I tried to stick to 3 colors since there is a lot of pattern mixing. I think that is the key with pattern mixing…have a common element (in this case it’s black in the dots, on the skirt, and my tights).

ALSO, my hair is officially long enough to stay in a top knot bun…ALL DAY! Growing my hair out is driving me crazy but now that I have an easy updo option, I’m saved! There are still quite a few bobby pins involved, but it’s becoming less!

Happy Friday! I’m going to a white elephant gift party, then straight to a tacky sweater party (pics to come!), then to my husband’s concert ..all after work of course. It’s going to be AWESOME!

Outfit Breakdown: polka dot button down: Burlington Coat Factory, $7, black and white checkered pencil skirt: thrifted, $2.50, black tights: Gap, $6, heels: gift, belt: from another shirt, necklace: Francescas, $3.50


11 Responses to “Dotted & Checked”

  1. cami says:

    Oh that pattern play is perfect! ! I really like this one! !

  2. Look at your hair!! Love it like this!!

    xx, Jordan

  3. Jenny says:

    love your polka-dot button down


  4. Grace H says:

    I’m having some serious blouse envy right now… super cute!

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