Does anybody else have a problem with going to Target and leaving with WAY more than you anticipated? They always have the most darling clothing and accessories and usually some pretty great sales, so how can you stop at just ONE section of the store? I found these pink polka dotted skinny jeans in the girl’s section (yes…the LITTLE girl’s section) for $8! Do you ever visit other sections of clothing stores? I usually swing by the girl’s and boy’s sections to browse their sale racks in hopes of finding a treasure…like these pants!

pink-polka-dot-skinny-jeans-brown-boots-black-knit-leg-warmers-grey-v-neck-loose-curls-1 pink-polka-dot-skinny-jeans-brown-boots-black-knit-leg-warmers-grey-v-neck-loose-curls-2

As our snow continues to melt, I’m branching out (finally) from my snow boots to regular boots, and hopefully back to my flats and heels soon! I’ve been using my Hunter fleece/knit inserts inside my regular brown boots for added warmth! If you have a pair of Hunter rain boots, I highly suggest getting a pair of the inserts!

pink-polka-dot-skinny-jeans-brown-boots-black-knit-leg-warmers-grey-v-neck-loose-curls-3 pink-polka-dot-skinny-jeans-brown-boots-black-knit-leg-warmers-grey-v-neck-loose-curls-4

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!


Outfit Breakdown: black cardigan, Old Navy (old); grey v-neck, skinny jeans, necklace, Target; boots, Ross; leg warmer inserts, Hunter

14 Responses to “Dots”

  1. chloe says:

    oo I love this!!
    The colour of your pants <3
    I want them!
    UK High Street Fashion

  2. Kat says:

    Yes! I always have that problem with Target. Love this look – so sweet and chic! x, Kat

    Love and Ace

  3. lily says:

    There was a time in my life when I was avoiding Target, and I think I saved myself sooo much money in the process. Now? There’s no hope. I walk in for tights, I leave with 2 pairs of shoes, a sweater and a kajillion bags of candy. Ooph.

  4. Lauren says:

    I cannot wait for the Target to open in Canada (I think this March actually!), LOVE those jeans Star. Always so pretty :) xo

  5. fashboulevard says:

    Love this look. Those pants are amazing. I have to get them!

    I would love if you could stop by my blog and enter my latest giveaway!

  6. That sweater is SO pretty, and all of your outfit is adorable!

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