Listening: to anything Glen Hansard. His passion/rage/joy/thoughtfulness is expressing the words my heart feel as of late.

Watching: way too many Call the Midwife reruns (accompanied by a box of tissues).

Wishing: for a slower life and for days with more light! Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but by the time my photographer (aka: the husb) gets home it’s DARK.

Needing: to just bite the bullet and get my butt into a yoga class already.

Confessing: my life is too cluttered. Wanting to get rid of half of everything I own and SIMPLIFY.

Excited: for time with my husband and family over the holiday. Best gift ever!

Laughing: about my Christmas decorating skillz (yes…with a ‘z’). They are sub-par to say the least.

Trying: to spend time with my Savior EVERY day. Right now is a season of discipline (forcing myself to crack open that Word of truth). I know from previous seasons of drought that a little discipline brings floods of intimacy with my Father.

Wondering: if I’ll ever leave this home town of mine. Travel? Oh, yes. But move? We’ll see what God has in store. Been waiting on that for a long time. Simultaneously terrified to leave yet longing for the adventure.

Realizing: I haven’t shared with the blogging world that WE GOT A DOG! Her name is Josie and she is 1 year/9 lbs of pure joy.



2 Responses to “Currently…”

  1. Lyn says:

    Oh how exciting and what a little cutie!

  2. Kate says:

    Simplifying is so good!

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