Do you own a pair of cords? I’ve had these forEVER and rarely ware them…but man are they warm!

plum-purple-cords-oatmeal-sweater-leather-accents-boots-infinity-scarf-winter-outfit-fashion-ootd-beauty-and-bows-1 plum-purple-cords-oatmeal-sweater-leather-accents-boots-infinity-scarf-winter-outfit-fashion-ootd-beauty-and-bows-2 plum-purple-cords-oatmeal-sweater-leather-accents-boots-infinity-scarf-winter-outfit-fashion-ootd-beauty-and-bows-3 plum-purple-cords-oatmeal-sweater-leather-accents-boots-infinity-scarf-winter-outfit-fashion-ootd-beauty-and-bows-4 plum-purple-cords-oatmeal-sweater-leather-accents-boots-infinity-scarf-winter-outfit-fashion-ootd-beauty-and-bows-5

Outfit Details: sweater, Target $13 (yay for Christmas gift cards!); Levi’s, Levi outlet (super old!); scarf, gift; boots, gift from my sweet sister!; rings (from left to right), vintage, Target, wedding ring!

5 Responses to “Cords”

  1. Lauren says:

    Hi Star! You know, I don’t own a pair of cords but seeing you wearing them makes me wish I did! LOL love the last photo. Beautiful wedding ring! xo

  2. I need to get some cords! Love the color of yours!

  3. Jenny says:

    beautiful colour of cords! would be a great staple for winter/fall :)


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