Color & Curls

Just when I was celebrating the warmth of spring, we got hit with an ice storm. AN ICE STORM…IN APRIL! So the layers and boots came back into play but I had to keep some bright colors mixed in!

chartreuse-floral-dress-burnt-orange-cardigan-cobalt-blue-tights-black-booties-1 chartreuse-floral-dress-burnt-orange-cardigan-cobalt-blue-tights-black-booties-2

This hair style was inspired by one of my favorite bloggers who just chopped of her hair to a similar length to mine. She is way better at styling than me, so I’ve been snagging her looks! (Check her out, here!)

chartreuse-floral-dress-burnt-orange-cardigan-cobalt-blue-tights-black-booties-3 chartreuse-floral-dress-burnt-orange-cardigan-cobalt-blue-tights-black-booties-4 chartreuse-floral-dress-burnt-orange-cardigan-cobalt-blue-tights-black-booties-5 chartreuse-floral-dress-burnt-orange-cardigan-cobalt-blue-tights-black-booties-6

Outfit details: chartreuse floral dress, thrifted 4; orange cardigan, Target $8; cobalt blue leggings, Target $4; black studded booties, thrifted, $4.99

25 Responses to “Color & Curls”

  1. Lauren says:

    Ice-storm Star?! Like what is that!? We were hit with a “winter storm warning” for today with freezing rain and cold. What happened to Spring?! Thank goodness your dress is giving Spring to us!! xo

  2. Lovely outfit! I love the colors you used and that dress is very pretty.


  3. Helen says:

    Love that dress! the colours and print are so nice and make for lots of different things to match it too

  4. htitus says:

    Your are inspiring me to maybe, possibly, actually start styling my hair haha. I love this look on you!

    Colour Me Classic

  5. Jacy says:

    I just found your blog and it’s so cute! Love this colorful look and your pretty curls :)


  6. beck9219 says:

    Love your blog! This is such a cute outfit and I love the dress!

  7. Kate says:

    Your hair looks SO fabulous! I love these colors on you.

  8. lyddiegal says:

    Sorry the weather is refusing to be spring – but at least you haven’t let that stop you from wearing bright colors and florals!

  9. Arin says:

    love your hair!!!!

  10. janika R says:

    This is a sensible drive. Count me in for wearing Blue this friday.

  11. I am LOVING everything about this look, Star!! Your hair looks phenomenal and the outfit is perfection!! :)

    xo, Jordan

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