Color Blocked

Good morning and happy Monday! After 1 loooong week filled with many highs and lows, Daniel and I enjoyed a nice weekend filled with good amounts of rest and productivity. It ended oddly with news of a friend of ours and his wife dying in a car wreck. It’s still sinking in. This man was a huge influence in many lives in the Wichita area. He was a man of God, always giving of himself and proclaiming Christ. Since we heard the news, Daniel and I have been praying for comfort for the family, rejoicing in the sweet memories of this couple, and praying that Daniel and I could center our lives around the service of others…just like this couple did. If we died tomorrow, what legacy would we leave? Could we say we were honest with our money? Giving of our time? Did we truly love those around us who are hurting or are just hard to love? Did we know God’s word and have it in our hearts and on our lips? All of these questions are spinning in my mind.

One thing I know is that this couple is without a doubt with their heavenly Father right this very minute. They are more happy and fulfilled than we can possibly imagine. They were faithful with the time given to them on earth. God is continuing to use them to remind me to do the same!

Outfit Breakdown: color blocked dress, thrifted $3.99, faux leather leggings, Forever 21 $19, boots, old, necklace, Etsy $13

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  1. jgodcheergrl says:

    beauitful sweater and great colors :)

  2. htitus says:

    Sorry for your loss :( Glad to see your focusing on the positive parts of their life time.

  3. Bree says:

    Sweet post about your friends – I will be praying for them as well. Love your pants and the colors in your sweater.
    -Bree @ <a href="”>aBree Fashion

  4. Ester says:

    love your outfit, so chic!

    Drawing Dreaming

  5. I somehow missed this post until now.. I’m so, so sorry to hear of your all’s loss! How tragic! I’ll be sending prayers your way and to the couple’s friends and family. <3

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