Bubble Necklace

So I’ve been loving the bubble necklace trend going around, but as a small person I’ve doubted whether I could pull off so many beads hanging from my neck. While perusing Etsy several weeks ago, I found a shop that sells these bubble necklaces with fewer beads…and for only $16! After looking at each color, I landed on the creamy white option because I thought it would be the most versatile. I’m VERY happy with the size and color of this necklace and can’t wait to pair it with outfits to come!

Yesterday consisted of a trip to the court-house so I paired the necklace with a silk leopard print tank, plaid pencil skirt, and my deep teal cardigan. I’m trying to give pattern mixing a shot, and I really liked how this outfit came together.

In addition, 2 other exciting things from yesterday…

My husband (who is one of those ‘jack-of-all-trades’) is recording our friend’s next album. His name is Aaron Lee Martin and you should check him out here:http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Aaron-Lee-Martin/7418274774

WE GOT A REAL CAMERA! With money from my bow tie sales, Daniel and I were able to buy this Canon Rebel t4i. We are excited to give ‘real’ photography a whirl and hopefully post some higher quality photos from here on out!


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  1. Emily says:

    What a great find! I love this necklace! xx

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