Blog Swap! Mustard Yellow Dressed Up & Down

I’m so excited to do my first ‘Blog Swap’ with Haley from Color Me Classic! She is a northern Cali girl with a fabulous blog and I always love seeing her new outfit ideas! For this post we decided to take 1 article of clothing in mustard yellow and dress it up and dress it down. Here are her 2 ways to wear a mustard colored trench! To see my outfits, head over to her blog!

Isn’t she cute?! Be sure to start following her over at Color Me Classic!

dressed up outfit:
mustard yellow trench Forever21 $25, maroon dress Zara $40, slate blue tights Target $8, strap heels Target $25, fedora hat New York & Company $10, skeleton key necklace free–gift.
dressed down outfit:
mustard yellow trench Forever21 $25, boots Target $25, striped top The Limited $10, sunnies Aerie $5, skinny jeans Nordstrom $30


6 Responses to “Blog Swap! Mustard Yellow Dressed Up & Down”

  1. Love this idea.
    This jacket is awesome. I saw your looks over on her blog and loved the thrifted pants! =D

  2. Meredith says:

    So so gorgeous! I love that mustard trench! And I love your looks over on her blog! I’m your newest follower!

  3. Its wonderful to hear that you volunteer to help those kids, good for you. I like how you belted the blazer, it really adds shape and structure. You look great!

  4. Stand Out says:

    I love your outfit, especially your jacket!!!

    you should visit my blog?

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