Blizzard Of Oz

What do you do when you get almost a full week of snow days? Well you grab your friend and take pretty snow pictures, of course! This is my gorgeous friend, Maria (last seen here)!


snow-day-leather-jacket-dress-leggings-snow-boots-aztec-earrings-2 snow-day-leather-jacket-dress-leggings-snow-boots-aztec-earrings-3 snow-day-leather-jacket-dress-leggings-snow-boots-aztec-earrings-8 snow-day-leather-jacket-dress-leggings-snow-boots-aztec-earrings-9 snow-day-leather-jacket-dress-leggings-snow-boots-aztec-earrings-10 snow-day-leather-jacket-dress-leggings-snow-boots-aztec-earrings-11 snow-day-leather-jacket-dress-leggings-snow-boots-aztec-earrings-15 snow-day-leather-jacket-dress-leggings-snow-boots-aztec-earrings-16 snow-day-leather-jacket-dress-leggings-snow-boots-aztec-earrings-17 snow-day-leather-jacket-dress-leggings-snow-boots-aztec-earrings-18 snow-day-leather-jacket-dress-leggings-snow-boots-aztec-earrings-19 violet-hunter-rain-boots-burgundy-corduroy-skinnies-layers-preppy-top-knot-4 violet-hunter-rain-boots-burgundy-corduroy-skinnies-layers-preppy-top-knot-5 violet-hunter-rain-boots-burgundy-corduroy-skinnies-layers-preppy-top-knot-6 violet-hunter-rain-boots-burgundy-corduroy-skinnies-layers-preppy-top-knot-7 violet-hunter-rain-boots-burgundy-corduroy-skinnies-layers-preppy-top-knot-12 violet-hunter-rain-boots-burgundy-corduroy-skinnies-layers-preppy-top-knot-13 violet-hunter-rain-boots-burgundy-corduroy-skinnies-layers-preppy-top-knot-14

15 Responses to “Blizzard Of Oz”

  1. Maria says:

    It was loads of fun! <3

  2. I love Maria’s winter outfit! And she is so joyful and happy in all the pictures, really enjoyed this post!

    I also love your pretty red bow! Too cute!


    • star says:

      She is one joyful and happy girl! Who wouldn’t be after they just got married to their prince!

      Thanks so much, I made the bow!

  3. You both look gorgeous!! These photos look extra good, too!

    xo, Jordan

  4. Rita says:

    Oh my goodness! That is a blizzard of Oz! You both look beautiful:)! Love your outfits!

  5. lily says:

    Maria needs a blog, too! I love your hair & bow — too cute.

  6. outofmeghan says:

    I love polka dot jeans!
    It’s funny, I posted about my newest sale find flocked jeans from Target :)

  7. Angela says:

    Where did you get those boots from the pictures at the top?

  8. Caroline says:

    Where did you get the snow boots?? they are so adorable!!

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