Well, it happened. I finally got tired of my hair and just had to have a change. That inevitably led to bangs.


They are chunky and funky and I’m still learning how to style them. But generally I’m happy with my crazy bangs.


Along with styling these bangs, I’m learning to style this ever growing bump. It can be especially challenging to try and dress it up for work, but I feel like today was slightly successful! It’s amazing this skirt can still fit around this thing!


I hope you all are having a great week and enjoying this lovely changing weather! Blessings!


Outfit Details: top, Target; skirt & shoes, thrifted

5 Responses to “Bangs”

  1. carisa says:

    adorable! The bangs look so great on you! My favorite bump style is a pencil skirt, there is something that is just sooo lady like about it. Love it.

  2. Your bangs look so cute! I see bangs on people like you and it makes me want them but I made my hair dresser promise to never cut bangs on me because every time I get them, I don’t like them because they seem to be so much work for me. lol. But they look so cute on you that now I want them! Your outfit is fabulous too! Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

    • star says:

      Well that’s probably a good thing to tell your hair dresser. Haha. I have a love/hate relationship with mine already! But generally I’m glad I did it…if nothing else, just for the change!

  3. Lauren says:

    Really loving the bangs! I’ve had full bangs for years now, and every time I grow them out it just doesn’t happen. I always end up cutting them back! Also, clearly I haven’t been blogging (blog re-launch july 1) lately because you are preggers!! Congrats girl. Long overdue but super happy for you! You look radiant. Love the look xo

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