A Mess


Can I just be honest and confess I feel like my life is a mess?! (hey that rhymes!)

My to-do list is every growing, including registering for EVERYTHING for this little 22 week nugget of mine. Pregnancy acne is in full swing, and I admit, it really has me down. Our poor old house desperately needs some TLC…notice the leaves and weeds that need swept up?
This week has felt like I’m standing in front of a mountain of projects that need done with no time to do them. Not to mention I can’t lift too much or inhale paint fumes. How is this nursery going to happen?
Whew. I don’t like the overwhelmed version of myself. Thank you for letting me be a bit vulnerable and get some of this off my chest. Am I the only one who feels this way?
Somewhere in the back of my mind I realize everything will come together. But the planner in me jumps to worry.


I’ve had this Jon Foreman song on repeat. It’s his version of Psalm 23. Trying to meditate on this passage this week.

God is my shepherd. He makes me to lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside STILL waters. What a peaceful scene.


My sweet husband assures me, all will be well. All will get done. He has such inner calm that I really appreciate. He truly is my earthy prince, my earthy representation of Christ.


Outfit Details: top, skirt, shoes, thrifted (top last seen here); necklace, from a shop in Eureka Springs

4 Responses to “A Mess”

  1. htitus says:

    Thanks for sharing your story! This is helpful to know for all of us potential moms out there! I’m a huge planner too so I can relate on a life level <3

    Colour Me Classic

    • star says:

      Thank YOU for stopping by, dear! There are just a lot of pressures surrounding pregnancy and it’s hard not to fall prey to them! But the beauty outweighs it all thankfully!

  2. You sure don’t looks like a mess. My sister is preggo too (27 weeks) and she has preggo acne too. She thought it would go away but no such luck yet. I went with her to register for baby gifts and OMG! there is so much stuff babies need. I’m glad I’m learning from her and you what to expect when having a baby! You look absolutely gorgeous and you’re still so tiny!


    • star says:

      Well, thank you, Kacie! Yeah, it is a bit overwhelming b/c of course you want to find the best of the best. But I thinking about it today…really babies just need you to hold them, feed them, and wrap them up in a fuzzy blanket. I think I can handle that. :)

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